15 Photobombs
You'll be looking over your shoulder every time you take a picture after looking through these photobombs.

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You’ve got the perfect photo setup and an innocent bystander willing to take the shot…you should be good to go, right? Not if you’re one of the poor individuals in these 15 hilarious photobombs, which range from interruptions by a celebrity to a happy little seal.

15 Photobombs 1

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15 Photobombs 2

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15 Photobombs 3

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15 Photobombs 4

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15 Photobombs 6

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15 Photobombs 6

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15 Photobombs 8

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15 Photobombs 9

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15 Photobombs 10

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15 Photobombs 11

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15 Photobombs 12

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15 Photobombs 13

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15 Photobombs 14

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15 Photobombs 15

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I couldn’t pick a favorite. From the Lovitz landing to the peace sign granny and the smiling seal, the only conclusion I could come to is that photobombs are a great way to get an unexpected dose of humor.

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  1. haha! these are hilarious! LOVE the cow one at the end!!

  2. jon lovitz is the man