15 Purr-fect Cat Stickers
From grumpy to stylish, these cats have it all!

Sara Barnes

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If there’s one thing the Internet loves, it’s cats. We see these furry felines everywhere. They flood your Facebook. They’re all over your Tumblr, and a lucky handful are seen as celebrities.

I am a cat owner, so it gives me great pleasure to present some fun stickers that are simply purr-fect.

15 Purrfect Cat Stickers 1

Source: chewytulip

15 Purrfect Cat Stickers 4

Source: modes4u.com

15 Purrfect Cat Stickers 7

Source: Olechka Design

15 Purrfect Cat Stickers 8

Source: etsy.com

15 Purrfect Cat Stickers 13

Source: bigcartel.com

15 Purrfect Cat Stickers 15

Source: Sirius Fun

These stickers are colorful, creative and just plain funny. Stickers act as good giveaways to potential clients, consumers and fans. While they’re disposable, everyone still wants to pick up a novelty like this to wear loud and proud. And if it comes with a cat on it? Well, you’re golden!

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Sara Barnes
Sara Barnes
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  1. grump cat + rainbow = win!

  2. I love that little cat with the monocle! So cute!