13 Serious But Not Boring Business Stickers
Small designs, like stickers, are a great way to quickly promote your business.

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Want an effective and inexpensive way to market your business? Try stickers!

You want them to look professional and serious, but you certainly don’t want to be thought of as boring. You want to impress the consumer and capture their attention with interesting and unique design, but you also want to convey a sense of trust and professionalism.

Here are 13 examples of serious, but not boring, business stickers.

Serious But Not Boring Stickers 1

Source: etsy.com

Serious But Not Boring Stickers 2

Source: ranchhousedesigns.blogspot.com

Serious But Not Boring Sticker 3

Source: driftlessbicycle.org

Serious But Not Boring Stickers 4

Source: begreenrecords.com

Serious but Not Boring Stickers 5

Source: blog.revooahu.org

Serious But Not Boring Stickers 6

Source: hideyourarms.com

Serious but Not Boring Sticker 7

Source: shopyourvaluesweek.com

Serious But Not Boring Stickers 8

Source: easyorderhologramstickers.com

Serious But Not Boring Stickers 9

Source: aliexpress.com

Serious but Not Boring Stickers 10

Source: labelnetwork.com

Serious But Not Boring Stickers 11

Source: lookthinkmake.com

Serious But not Boring Stickers 12

Source: ioffer.com

Serious But Not Boring Stickers 13

Source: filmworks.filmla.com

Depending on your business, you may have many different uses for stickers. They can be used on packaging, for promotions or to proudly display the statement of your company.

Whatever the purpose, keep in mind the sticker can make your business look immature or unprofessional if you don’t put some thought into the design and the print job.

Keep it clean, but don’t forget to maintain visual interest.

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  1. Not sure these are the best. nothing too exciting on this list

  2. I appreciate you putting this together. Mind if I ask what are your usual tools to design vector or graphic? Thanks in advance.