7 (Best) Bizarre Business Cards
These odd designs are actually really good ideas for business cards!

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Do you have an interview at your dream job and want to stand out? Better make sure your business card does, too.

Business cards are super handy. Exchanging cards takes just 30 seconds, but it’s the first step to building a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

Here are 7 bizarre (but noteworthy) business cards that’ll inspire you to create your own unique design that stands out!

This business card based on a Google search is brilliant. It’s a cool card that brings something out of cyberspace and into the real world in a very tangible way. Laser Printing Inc. really nailed it with this one.

(Side note: I wonder if they would make different designs based on Google Doodles? That would really set them apart.)

A picture of a Google-themed business card

This Google-themed business card is a great way to be remembered in the digital age!

I have no idea how much this would cost to make on a large scale, but in theory this card by Murmure rocks! This heavy card design made of concrete will definitely weigh on the mind — and pocket — of anyone you give this to.

Hopefully, no one puts a slab in their pocket and forgets about it until laundry day. I don’t think this card would be as kind to a washing machine or dryer as standard cards.

A picture of concrete business cards

Concrete is definitely a unique material for a business card.

This next business card is a great way to introduce yourself and connect with someone who has similar interests. For the publisher and editor-in-chief of the Intersection, a magazine dedicated to transportation, this papercraft 1969 Nissan Skyline is a great way to introduce what you do to others in the automotive industry.

(I guess we should probably call this a business car(d), huh?)

A picture of a business card that turns into a paper car

If someone has to keep seeing your name as they put together a car, they’ll probably remember you.

I’m always blown away by how people make their business cards go beyond the average card. Check out these pair of business cards: One’s a shoehorn, and the other’s a bottle opener! How cool and useful are these? If someone gave me either of these cards, I’d never throw them away.

These awesome cards have nothing compared to our next design find, though.

A picture of useful business cards (one is a shoe horn, and the other is a bottle opener)

These business cards are so useful that no one will want to get rid of them!

If you’re going to make a bunch of business cards, you might as well make them useful, right? That’s what this card from Broke Bike Alley does.

There’s no need to lug a heavy toolbox for minor repairs — the business card is the toolbox! Customers can keep it so they can fix their own small problems while having a handy way to contact Broke Bike for the more intense repair jobs. It’s a win-win all around.

It’s pretty cool seeing how inventive some people get with their cards. There aren’t many business cards as simultaneously useful and relevant as this one is!

A picture of a business card that serves as a bike wrench

This card has multiple repair tools built into it, making it great to have in a pinch.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Hajnal Kiprov’s business card is just plain funny. All you need is two fingers, and the rubber inserts do all the rest. It’s a wonderfully cheeky card that doesn’t need to be taken seriously to understand its purpose.

But even this design pales in comparison to our #1 spot.

A picture of an "interactive" plastic surgery business card

On one side, you get a 3-D effect of plastic surgery; on the other, contact information.

The “Big Bertha” of business cards, this behemoth was the brainchild of Bryce Bell. First built in March 2009, the “Cardapult” has the thickness of five regular business cards.

Bell cut out everything by hand with a hobby knife, which isn’t exactly ideal for mass producing these. But they’re so cool, you’d probably only need to give out four or five before landing a great job or making a new acquaintance.

A picture of a 'Cardapult" business card

The arm of the Cardapult displays the website, while the body has more room for a name in larger font.

Bell was nice enough to put instructions on how to make your very own Cardapult online, which you can find here. I’m curious as to what kind of feedback he’s gotten as a result of this card. I know that if I ever need to hire a mechanical engineer, Bell’s got a spot at the top of the list just from his business card alone.

A picture of the "Cardapult" before it's constructed

Folded up, you wouldn’t expect this business card to hold a working catapult inside.

Make your business cards stand out from the pack!

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Photo sources: imgur.com, flickr.com, cardobserver.com, cardfaves.com, gbcannon.com.

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