8 Wartime Posters
Wartime posters belong to a different and unique style of design.

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Wartime posters have such a distinct feel and design to them. They represent a unique time in human history, and they encapsulate a whole generation’s hopes, fears, attitudes, and thoughts, all in one design.

Since they’re both historically significant and aesthetically interesting, I’ve decided to pull together a list of some of the most interesting wartime posters. Check it out.

Wartime Posters 1

Designed by Dmitry Moor

Wartime Posters 2

Designed by Aleksander Mikhailovich Rodchenko.

Wartime Posters 3

Designed by J. Howard Miller

Wartime Posters 4

Designed by Jim Fitzpatrick.

Wartime Posters 5

Designed by Alfred Leete.

Wartime Posters 6

Designed by Adolf Iosifovich Strakhov-Braslavsky

Wartime Posters 7

Designed by Frank Newbould

Wartime Posters 8

Designed by Jean Carlu.

These are just a sampling of the different descriptive and creative posters that belonged to a generation. Note the repetition of reds, yellows, and grays, as well as blocky graphics and stark illustrations.

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