9 “Fan-tastic” Superhero Posters That Are Badass
These heroic posters will save citizens from boring designs!

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Whether you’re a kid or an adult, everyone loves superhero movies! It’s great getting friends or family together, having a movie marathon and watching your favorite heroes or villains battle it out to save the world.

But whether you’re binge-watching Marvel’s or DC’s massive movie libraries — or even just the two movies starring Dark Horse’s Hellboy — there’s nothing quite like pinning up your favorite movie posters on your wall to admire every day.

Here are our 9 favorite superhero posters made by dedicated fans:

We had to include at least one poster of a super villain on this list. From Ant-Man to the X-Men, super villains are vital to make our favorite heroes shine. Without evil, there’s nothing for good to triumph over, so our final slot goes to one of the greatest villains of all time, Magneto. Mobile game artist and freelance illustrator Tu Bui shows Magneto in his rawest form, power surging throughout the entire poster.

The Ultimate Super Villain

Magneto looks like he could turn the world into dust at a moment’s notice if he so wished.

This poster is a bit outdated now that we know the main cast of “Batman v. Superman,” but it’s still insanely good. Look how Superman’s cape wraps around, going from the background to foreground seamlessly. And the typography is absolutely spectacular as well.

A New Justice League

DC and Warner Bros. will need the two years until “Justice League Part One” just to match this poster’s quality.

SkinnyGlasses’ posters are so nice that we just have to show off a second one. When they wanted to make a movie poster in the style of Drew Struzan (who’s made more than 150 movie posters for famous movies like “Indiana Jones” and “Star Wars”), “Thor” was used as the subject. The result was this electrifying clash between Thor and Loki surrounded by Asgardians.

Thor and Loki Battle

A picture is worth a thousand words, but this poster is worth a thousand sound effects.

Although its precursor was average at the box office and slaughtered by critics, 2013’s “The Wolverine” focuses on Logan’s adventures in Japan. One artist on DeviantArt, DComp, took the iconic rising sun flag and combined it with a silhouette of Wolverine and his claws. The image description admits it might not be the most original idea, but this version pulls it off the best.

The Wolverine Rises

The white and red on a black background make Wolverine’s shape pop and take form.

This next poster also comes from DeviantArt’s realm. Artist “Hobo123” made this poster depicting the Avengers after battle: beaten, battered and bruised. These heroes wear their wounds well, though, especially Hawkeye, who’s sporting a black eye. The attention to detail is impeccable, too.

Avengers Assembled

From Hulk’s veins popping out to Iron Man’s miniature Arc Reactor, the details shine through on this poster.

“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” won’t be released for another eight months, but don’t tell fans that. They’re already making some amazing designs, like this one. DeviantArt user “visuasys” created this teaser poster, and it’s better at promoting the film than the official posters of the movie. The idea of Wonder Woman standing not as a hero, but merely as Princess Diana among the rubble of Themyscira, is chilling.

Wonder Woman's Home — Destroyed

It might not even happen in the actual movie, but the destruction of Themyscira paints a powerful scene.

When L.A.-based designer Peter Gutierrez was going to the University of Central Florida, he put his incredible design talents to use in making posters for the university’s Campus Activities Board. Here we see a design that looks like it was taken straight from the HUD of one of Tony Stark’s suits.

Analyzing Iron Man

Even J.A.R.V.I.S. can appreciate this awesome poster.

The Batman series turned 75 last year, and to pay tribute, Mexican artist Salvador Anguiano made a poster featuring 75 different versions of the Caped Crusader that have appeared over the years. While some are similar to others, it’s still fascinating to see how the Dark Knight has been portrayed over three-quarters of a century.

75 Bats for 75 Years

You just gotta love Lego Batman’s portrait.

Designed by Norwegian fan William Blofeld, the minimalist design highlights Superman’s cape, which joins with Blofeld’s use of vectors to give the static image a dynamic look. And, of course, we can’t forget Superman’s signature S-shaped hair curl.

The Man of Steel

Truth, justice — and lots of hair gel.

Whether you favor heroes, villains, Marvel, DC or titanic crossovers, these designs should get you thinking about how you’ll want your own cinematic universe to look like. Be bold, and create your own superhero poster to hang up on your wall! (Just make sure not to create a movie poster fail like these.)

Photo sources: blofelddesign.wordpress.com, blurppy.com, alternativemovieposters.com, comicbookmovie.com, moviesonline.ca, deviantart.com, artoftu.com.

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