9 Funny T-shirt Sayings
When you get dressed in the morning, you have the opportunity to wear something that will make someone laugh. Why not take advantage of that opportunity?

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I’m a firm believer in the age-old philosophy that says you only get one chance to make a first impression. Depending on the kind of impression you want to make, a funny T-shirt could be an invaluable tool. Take a look at the ones below!

Funny T-shirt Sayings 1

Source: zappa.com

Funny T-shirt Sayings 2

Source: dreamhauscommunications.com

Funny T-shirt Sayings 3

Source: zazzle.com

Funny T-shirt Sayings 4

Source: jokesprank.com

Funny T-shirt Sayings 6

Source: bustedtees.com

Funny T-shirt Sayings 6

Source: noisebot.com

Funny T-shirt Sayings 9

Source: zazzle.com

Every time you put on a T-shirt you have an opportunity to say something. It’s almost a responsibility. Use that opportunity to make someone laugh!

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