9 Perfect Princess Posters
These cute princess posters can break any spell of boredom!

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Have you searched for the perfect princess poster but can’t find any inspiration?

Well, we scoured the web and found posters you’d love to make yourself. From Disney to “Adventure Time,” we selected an array of princesses you already love.

Here are 9 cute princess posters any girl will absolutely adore!

“What time is it?” This simple question is the basis of “Adventure Time,” but ask it to someone who’s a member of the ever-growing legion of fans, and you’ll get a raucous response.

This poster features seven princesses (as well as three other notable girls from the series) and a brief description of each character. It’s perfect for those who adore every “Adventure Time” princess and can’t choose just one!

A picture of Adventure Time princesses lined up.

By featuring a bunch of princesses, this poster shows off Adventure Time’s large cast.

Initially a combination of various fairy-tale princess tropes throughout the plot of Shrek (and its sequels), Fiona proves she’s her own woman. From kicking butt in fights to out-grossing Shrek, Fiona definitely appeals to the tomboys.

This poster comes from the Broadway musical based on the film. Locked in a tower for 20 years, she developed into a strong and independent woman, perfectly capable of handling any situation herself.

Actresses sing "I Know It's Today" from Shrek the Musical

Fiona’s song “I Know It’s Today” makes a fabulous poster, as three ages of Fiona appear in the song.

Who doesn’t love “The Little Mermaid”? From Ariel’s fiery red hair to the incredible scenes that explode with color under the sea, the movie looks amazing.

This poster draws inspiration from the movie poster, but removes all of the distracting text. It’s simple and great for any Ariel fan.

Ariel swims toward the surface of the ocean.

Ariel is a princess you won’t easily forget.

This Disney poster features the star of the animation studio’s 49th film, “The Princess and the Frog,” Tiana. The film’s introduction closes with young Tiana wishing on a star, a callback to Disney films of old. Any girl will love this poster adorning her wall, representing that wishes and dreams do come true.

A young Tiana looks up at the night sky.

From teddy to tiara, this poster is mega cute.

This princess isn’t seen on the silver screen or the stages of the Great White Way. Instead, she comes straight from television as part of Disney Junior’s programming. Sofia the First is an 8-year-old girl who becomes royalty due to her mother’s marriage to a king.

This poster focuses on Sofia’s connection with animals, which she can talk to thanks to a magical amulet. It also highlights her playful spirit as she swings without a care — and shoes, for that matter.

Sofia swings while playing with her animal friends.

Despite becoming a princess, Sofia never forgets to have fun.

The namesake of one of the most storied video game series of all time, Princess Zelda is a beautiful woman who consistently helps Link in his battles against Ganon.

This poster takes cues not only from various chapters in the Legend of Zelda series, but also from another famous video game series, Kingdom Hearts (which has its own unique relationship with princesses, as it’s a crossover between Disney and Final Fantasy movies and games). It takes on a stained glass appearance, with the symbols in the glass representing famous artifacts such as the ocarina of time or the master sword.

Princess Zelda appears with mystical items in a stained glass circle.

This poster is an homage to various Legend of Zelda games.

Two of the most famous members of the Disney family, Anna and Elsa of “Frozen” appear in one movie and an animated short — with “Frozen 2” in the works — as well as appearing in ABC’s live action show based on fairy-tale characters, “Once Upon a Time.”

This poster is based on the animated short, “Frozen Fever,” in which the entire kingdom of Arendelle celebrates Anna’s birthday. Elsa uses her magic to redesign their dresses, but she also creates small snowmen called “Snowgies” when she sneezes. This poster would look adorable in any girl’s room!

Princess Anna admires her new dress as Olaf plays with Snowgies.

This poster shows off Disney’s latest princesses, Elsa and Anna from Frozen.

This poster is great for any girl. Showing off Belle from “Beauty and the Beast,” it’s playful and whimsical but also vibrant and colorful. It has everything that personifies “cute.”

A larger version of this poster also includes Lumiere and Mrs. Potts in the scene, as well as a rainbow in the background. If you love Beauty and the Beast, then you just have to have this poster!

Belle swings with Chip in her lap as Beast picks some fruit.

From swinging to sparkles, this poster has everything.

Of course, we can’t conclude this list without one of the most iconic Disney princesses, Aurora. Although her movie, “Sleeping Beauty,” was released more than 50 years ago, she is still one of the most beloved princesses of all time.

The cute garden scene — along with her animal friends — would look adorable in any little girl’s room.

Princess Aurora elegantly sits among plants with animals and butterflies.

Princess Aurora, the sleeping beauty, sets the standard for princess aesthetics.

Whether you want to replicate one these fabulous posters (or just create one yourself), you can use one of our how-to articles as a guide or find an easy template where you can make all your princess poster dreams come true!

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