What We Do
You're going to think we're crazy...

What do we do? Well, it’s actually quite simple. We are obsessed. And not obsessed with just anything, but obsessed with printing. And not just any printing, but GREAT printing. We have assembled the finest team of printing experts, all of whom are focused on one main cause: ordering, testing, reviewing, and analyzing different printing products, then comparing and ranking them to determine just who is the best printer around. Sure, some say we’re crazy, and we just might be.  

How We Do It
Listen and learn, my friend

We’ve spared no expense in ordering a wide range of popular printing products from over 25 of the top printers in the industry. We look at each print individually and test them on six main factors: print quality, ordering ease, custom options, print value, template selection, and delivery speed. Then, we compare the products against each other, rank them, and determine who the top dogs are.

Who We Are
Well, we're kind of a big deal.

Some have said we’re geniuses, others have said real life super heroes.  We like to think of ourselves as a little bit of both.

Batman and Superman of the printing super team all rolled into one, Kenny is an expert of print quality and accuracy, product analysis, and print production processes.

Queen of the creative world, Kristi is a master of graphic design, on-site design and ordering, and is the go-to for template and design tool usage. 

With a mind as sharp as a die cut blade, Harold is the resident numbers man, specializing in calculating print values and costs, shipping time frames, and uncovering great deals and savings.