Ampergram: Creating a New App Experience With Typography
Be a part of a bigger story using typographic compositions.

Lindsey Carman
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Ampergram is a typographic composition app that creates beautifully-designed words.

When an epiphany pops into a person’s head, he or she usually entertains the idea for a split second and then lets it go.

But when Phillip Pastore comes up with an ingenious idea, he fosters the concept and makes it happen.

That’s how was created.

Pastore has always been fascinated by letters with different sizes, shapes, colors and where they come from. After taking photos and using some help from Instagram, Pastore invented Ampergram to make it easy for people to create their own unique phrases.

“Ampergram is great for type exploration,” said Phillip Pastore, Ampergram’s sole creator and founder.

One Man’s Hobby is Another Man’s App

Phillip Pastore, Ampergram's founder

Phillip Pastore, Ampergram’s founder

Before Pastore moved to Brooklyn, he became inspired to create a typographic composition app when he lived in Cleveland. Once he got to the big city, he discovered more typographic examples everywhere in Brooklyn’s architecture. Soon Ampergram was launched in February 2013.

The inspiration that ignited Ampergram were the stories behind each creation. Pastore loved the idea that two (or even more) stories could be told at once.

“There was something interesting about having smaller stories tell a larger story,” Pastore said.

Capture, Tag and Create

Unlike other typographic apps, Ampergram is different from the rest. As a user, you can either upload your own individualized letters or use those provided on the app via the database.

Pastore is constantly updating letters, so users have a plethora to choose from. Photos that are hashtagged Ampergram (#Ampergram) on Instagram also are available to users.

You can choose from thousands of designs to create your word or phrase.

You can choose from thousands of designs to create your word or phrase.

When typing your word or phrase, you can sift through which color, size or design you want each letter to look like. No other app is this customizable.

“You can do more, or you can do less. It’s really that simple,” Pastore said. “It’s definitely unique. You get to customize everything.”

After creating your personal message, you can share it with others or even download a high resolution print for just $1. Sending a friend or loved one an Ampergram photo is a unique gift to show how much you care.

A One-Man Team

With a full-time job and a million tasks to accomplish, it’s crazy to think Ampergram is only Pastore’s passion project. From creating videos to creating the app, Pastore has done it all.

He is constantly striving to make Ampergram a great app that helps users connect from all over the world.

“It became a passion project,” Pastore said. “There are just some crazy letters out there.”

Pastore doesn’t even stop there. In a few weeks, he will launch another app he was inspired to create called Nosemouth. The hilarious app plays around with human features to see what it would be like to have your nose as your mouth.

Share Your Story

As for Ampergram, the app will continue to create beautiful, unique messages that connect the world through letters. Pastore hopes to expand Ampergram and make the typographic experience even better for the user.

With Ampergram, each word is unique just like you.

With Ampergram, each word is unique just like you.

“It’s kind of surreal that you can type with letters from all over the world,” Pastore said.

 For more information on Ampergram, check out or download the app on your iPhone or Android.

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