Association of 3D Printing: The Leading Voice for the 3D Printing Community
The Association of 3D printing helps experts--as well as consumers--understand the intricate nature of 3D printing.

Shelby Davidson

With an innovative new industry such as 3D printing, finding an authoritative voice in the community of designers, experts and manufacturers was vital for awareness and growth. When 3D printing advocates came together to create a powerful voice for this sect, Association of 3D Printing was formed.

Marketing new companies and revolutionary printing ideas can become increasingly difficult for any company in a new industry, especially for the 3D printing community. Understanding 3D printing is quite difficult, but thankfully the Association of 3D Printing is here to help make sense of this unfamiliar territory.

3D printing’s recent hype revolves around the industry’s drastic lower costs of machinery, supplies and new applications by non-traditional manufacturing. These new businesses needed a voice that kept up with the latest trends in this booming industry. As a team of executives who recognized the need for marketing and benefits of a collective voice, the Association of 3D Printing broke ground in the business of turning 3D printing blueprints into products.

A Melting Pot of 3D Printing Innovation

Since developed four years ago, the Association of 3D Printing has become the largest trade association in the 3D printing industry. This organization’s elite group is composed of marketing, web, public relations, general management and finance executives — all with trade association experience.

A 3D View Of The Premier Organization

Four years ago, the Association of 3D Printing came to life.

Bill Decker, the chief of marketing, strategy and business development, said people join trade associations for two reasons: credibility and boosting sales. Many 3D printing companies are small startups, so joining a collective that gives updates on the latest trends and technology benefits them in the long run. 

In a cutthroat new industry, the Association of 3D Printing helps small 3D printing companies succeed. The association constantly reports innovative changes in the industry and provides marketing advice to help put each business’ best foot forward.

“We help corral these businesses and also help them receive more business and education during the process, too,” Decker said.

Improving the 3D Printing Community

As a membership-based organization, the Association of 3D Printing works with manufacturers, 3D printing companies, “makers,” designers, universities and service providers who are making new breakthroughs in the 3D printing industry. Because this association is a nationally and internationally recognized industry leader, the Association of 3D Printing provides members the collective power to change and influence uprising issues.

“The key to running any successful organization, whether it’s a trade association or media company, is for the people on top to orchestrate a situation and create an environment so that the players can make the rules,” Decker said.

Provides A Voice to Constituents In The 3D Printing Industry

As a membership-based organization, the Association of 3D Printing works with numerous clients who have the end goal of getting involved and being known in the printing industry.

Many competitors don’t have a concentration in marketing because they focus more on a lobbying or legislative method, but that doesn’t work. The Association of 3D Printing focuses on coordinating and marketing strategies rather than each individual subject area, which is why the organization’s leadership and cohesive business style succeed.

By honing in on issues such as industry promotion, technology adoption and property rights, the association provides a distinct voice and presence for companies and individuals who otherwise wouldn’t be united.

Not Your Ordinary Trade Association

The Association of 3D Printing isn’t your typical trade organization. By appealing to numerous spheres of influence (and with a variety of members and extensive media networks), the Association of 3D Printing is a jack-of-all-trades.

With hundreds of websites, a top-ranked podcast, video channel and its own ad agency/PR firm, the Association of 3D Printing controls an extensive media network industry.

“No other trade organization in any other field that I’ve ever seen in four decades of business has controlled such massive media networks,” Decker said.

Not Your Ordinary Trade Association

With hundreds of websites, a top-ranked podcast, video channel and ad agency/PR firm, this association controls an extensive media network industry.

Not only are marketers personally connecting to 3D printing companies, but the association also brings many spheres together due to networking. One association member might manufacture printing machines for turning blueprints into tangible objects, while another might be an ad agency that is interested in promoting 3D printing machines.

The Association of 3D Printing stands independently and successfully due to its a source of networking and being an effective leader in the 3D printing industry.

The Future for Association of 3D Printing

As the Association of 3D printing evolves, Decker believes the organization — as well as 3D printing itself — defies geographical boundaries. Through innovative resources as well as unique networking capabilities, this organization continues to grow and become the dominant voice in the 3D printing community.

“U.S. companies selling in foreign countries is a personal goal of mine, and we have a great vehicle to do it,” Decker said.

What's In Store For The Future

With a personal bias created by 30 years of international market entry, Decker said that he believes the industry he works in defies geographical boundaries.

With global aspirations in mind, the Association of 3D Printing will partake in various co-sponsored conferences around the world and continue to market its brand. Just by visiting this organization’s website and listening to free podcasts, the Association of 3D Printing will rise to greater prominence not only in the 3D printing community, but also in the business world.

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