Colophon Foundry: The Best in Curated Typography
Colophon Foundry, located in Hackney, London, produces some of the best type work in the world.

Lindsey Carman

When two passionate British designers come together, great things happen. From designing ideas to curating new aesthetics, the best typography is produced when a collaborative effort takes place.

At Colophon Foundry, that’s the formula for exquisite typography.

Known as an independent type foundry, Colophon Foundry produces some of the world’s best typefaces. This graphic design practice prides itself on original aesthetic pieces that inspire creatives and the design industry.

Curating a Specific Aesthetic

Edd Harrington, on the left, and Anthony Sheret, on the right, are the co-founders of Colophon Foundry.

Edd Harrington, on the left, and Anthony Sheret, on the right, are the co-founders of Colophon Foundry.

When Anthony Sheret and Edd Harrington met at Brighton University in 2009, both designers knew they wanted to work together and launch their own design company. At first, they almost started a publishing company, but their passion for type work convinced them to become a foundry.

“It felt like a good thing to do,” said Edd Harrington, the co-founder of Colophon Foundry.

Launched in 2009, Colophon Foundry started out with three typefaces, and soon the company’s precedence was established. Situated in their studio in Hackney, East London, Harrington and Sheret create some of the most inspiring typefaces that appear in big-name magazines and sites across the world.

From a Curating Process to An Impeccable Typeface

At Colophon Foundry, no project is too long or small. From local businesses to international partnerships, Harrington and Sheret are happy to take on any project that includes publishing, curation, exhibition and pedagogy.

“Colophon is about curating a specific aesthetic. We only use typefaces we create,” said Anthony Sheret, the co-founder of Colophon Foundry. “It’s a great good way for us to publish our self-initiated work.”

One of Colophon Foundry's amazing designs.

One of Colophon Foundry’s amazing designs.

The co-founders also work with Benjamin Critton, a collaborator in the U.S. He helps run the foundry in New York and work on side projects. Behind every project and typeface, the Colophon Foundry controls and curates every design. Instead of growing into a huge company, Sheret and Harrington enjoy keeping the foundry small.

“It’s not so mainstream,” Harrington said. “That’s one of its unique features.”

Ingenious Exhibitions Filled with Amazing Typefaces

Creating more typefaces and expanding their exhibition throughout the world, especially in the U.S. and Japan, is Colophon Foundry’s mission this year. As Harrington and Sheret moved toward web typography, the duo is excited to produce more breathtaking typefaces. And, of course, they only produce and showcase the best in the business.

“We always wanted to have something that’s unique to our working process,” Harrington said. “We’re quite selective with what we want to show and release.”

After releasing the ever-popular Apercu, a grotesque sans-serif typeface, in 2010, Colophon Foundry is working on ways to produce the best type work this year. In a couple of months, the foundry will release a new typeface that they’ve been working on for over two years.

A Bright Future for Colophon Foundry

Colophon Foundry hopes to expand its catalogue this year and produce new typefaces for all types of mediums. From magazines to the web, Harrington and Sheret are dedicated to creating the best typefaces.

For Colophon Foundry, a finished typeface is never done. The duo constantly works on re-designs and testing old typefaces. As for Harrington and Sheret, there’s always something to perfect in regards to type work.

“That whole aesthetic and process helps make us unique,” Harrington said.

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