13 Cool Pool Party Flyers
Pool parties will never go out of style as long as they look like this on paper.

Shelby Davidson

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Sometimes word of mouth just doesn’t cut it when you’re trying to plan a summer bash. What better way to spread the good news and celebrate the return of hot weather than with some eye-catching pool party flyers?

Visually appealing, colorful and affordable, creating the perfect flyer can make the difference between drawing in a huge crowd or only chilling with your crew.

Pool parties bring music, sun rays and fun together, so why shouldn’t your flyer incorporate the same? Here are 13 summer-sizzlin’ pool party flyers that will give everyone a convenient excuse to strip down to their swimwear and celebrate summer:


All aboard!


Get ready to dive in.


Not your average pool party


Prepare to get wet.


Welcome to the Chill Zone.


Football and some rays? What could be better?


Be on the lookout for major fun.


Get pumped for some awesome music.


Shirts optional


Hunt down your old tie-dye apparel for this party.


Bring your shades for this pool party.


Inviting and invigorating!


Steve Aoki: Enough said.

When it comes to having a successful poolside bash, a huge contributing factor is drawing a large crowd through enticing flyers. Don’t be afraid to play around with funky colors, weird fonts and symbolic concepts to make your flyer even more attractive.

Life is all about first impressions, so make sure your technique and style make for a good one. Encompass what you want your party to be like and channel that into a visual design on your pool party flyer.

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