Fawnsberg: The Best of Handmade Stationery Cards
Fawnsberg creates beautiful, hand-illustrated greeting cards customers admire.

Lindsey Carman

Nestled in New York’s rural farm land, two sisters started a hand-illustrated stationery business called Fawnsberg, which produces some of the finest greeting cards.

In a world of fast communication, Rachel and Patricia Mumau wanted to create beautiful and unique greeting cards that customers could sit down and enjoy.

Nothing is better than receiving a card in the mail and knowing a friend or family member was thinking of you. That’s what Fawnsberg is all about.

Each card is hand-illustrated to perfection.

Each card is hand-illustrated to perfection.

The Fawnsberg team doesn’t believe all communication is equal.

“Cards are great for making an impression,” said Rachel Mumau, the business director of Fawnsberg. “All of our cards are hand-illustrated and also feature a lot of hand-lettering.”

From Calligraphy to Illustration

Rachel Mumau, on the left, is Fawnsberg's business director and Patricia Mumau, on the right, is Fawnsberg's illustrator.

Rachel Mumau (left), Fawnsberg’s business director, and Patricia Mumau, Fawnsberg’s illustrator.

A love for all things handwritten, Fawnsberg was launched by both sisters who play different roles in the stationery business.

Patricia, Fawnsberg’s co-founder and Rachel’s sister, did calligraphy for another company but wanted to do more independent illustration work, so Fawnsberg was launched.

“We were doing a lot of calligraphy,” Mumau said. “We love beautiful stationery, so we wanted to create quality stationery that people love to write on.”

Rachel runs the business side of things, while Patricia designs each card. This dynamic duo has grown from selling cards online from their farmhouse in New York to selling their products in stores across the country.

As business grows, the Mumau sisters hope to expand their card locations into more states.

Quality Stationery Customers Adore

A few of the products Fawnsberg offers are custom calligraphy stamps and hand-illustrated stationery that are all designed by Patricia.

Before each design is ready for purchase, Patricia hand-paints the card in Fawnsberg’s studio, scans it and then prints the design on a digital-press printer.

The sisters also work with Bella Figura on some creations and even offer letterpress printing for wedding invitations.

Each card is printed on thick, luxurious paper and paired with a custom Fawnsberg gray envelope, so you can see and feel the quality the sisters put into their work.

Floral print stationery cards are just one of the man designs Fawnsberg offers.

Floral print stationery cards are just one of the man designs Fawnsberg offers.

“From the illustration to the cardstock , and from the high-quality printing to the beautiful envelope, you are not going to find a more quality piece of stationery,” Mumau said.

Fawnsberg’s stationery line includes anything from floral notecards to writing sheets you’ll love to write on. They even sell beautiful art prints if you wanted to hang up one of the beautiful illustrations in your home.

“All of our designs are unique,” Mumau said. “And when you hand-write a letter or card, it just means so much more.”

Sometimes Things are Best Said With Paper

As Fawnsberg grows, Patricia and Rachel hope to inspire customers to send more notes in the mail because the experience is like no other.

Sending a note to a friend in the mail lets him or her know just how special he or she is to you. With Fawnsberg’s greeting cards, you’ll impress and enlighten your friends and family this year.

“Sometimes things are best said with paper,” Mumau said.

Fawnsberg even offers stamps you can purchase online.

Fawnsberg even offers stamps you can purchase online.

For more information on Fawnsberg and its beautiful stationery, visit www.fawnsberg.com.

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