10 Funny Postcards
Send humorous postcards to friends or clients for an element of surprise.

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In the era of text messages, emails, and Facebook wall posts, a postcard can be a refreshing reminder that penned communication is still a great form of correspondence. More than that, a clever or funny postcard can brighten the day of the recipient — and if you’re really good at it, a funny postcard can be the first contact between you and a customer.

We’ve gathered a range of postcard examples to get you back into using postcards in a variety of ways.

1. Superhero Humor

For your Batman-adoring friends, why not send a message hinting that you visited the city where the symbol of the bat is thrown into the air when danger is lurking?

10 Funny Postcards 1

Source: nerohq.com

2. Thinking Outside of the Box

Tell me you wouldn’t RSVP. A combination of a fun engagement picture and an excellent spin away from the traditional ‘save the date’ memo, I think this postcard has a noteworthy nuptial takeaway.

10 Funny Postcards 2

Source: Justin Pocta

3. Horror-riffic with Humor

If this postcard didn’t scare and make you laugh, then nothing will.

10 Funny Postcards 3

Source: photobucket.com

4. A Hello From the Earth

Bring your friends back to earth with some humor and a classic retro design.

10 Funny Postcards 4

Source: ebay.com

5. Dino Puns

This card works really well as a reminder to set appointments. Extra points for the cute visual pun.

10 Funny Postcards 5

Source: ministrygreetings.com

6. Just-Plain-Honest Fun

This simple design uses a two-tone palette to give an old-fashioned feel to the design. Plus, the tongue-in-cheek quote is pretty funny and, quite frankly, relatable.

10 Funny Postcards 6

Source: postcardy.com

7. Honest Secret, Cruel Joke

I had to include one example from PostSecret, where anonymous senders reveal their greatest secrets for posting on a weekly basis. If you ever need to get the truth out while keeping your identity under wraps, you might consider this route.

10 Funny Postcards 7

Source: debestdesktopwallpaper.blogspot.com

8. Good Ol’ Midwestern Fun

Anyone who has spent even five minutes in the heart of a Midwestern winter can likely appreciate the mercurial theme on this Minnesota message.

10 Funny Postcards 8

Source: postcardexchange.net

9. High-Maintenance Humor

Ann Taintor has given the world a gift by combing great ’50s and ’60s era artwork with curt phrasing. This particular example is great to send to your friends who appreciate your lack of appreciation for roughing it.

10 Funny Postcards 9

Source: Anne Taintor

10. Sarcastic Wit

In the past few years, Someecards has established itself as yet another classic destination for great humor– no matter what the occasion. Consider this message the next time you’ve got a friend on the mend.

10 Funny Postcards 10

Source: someecards.com

Send a Little Laugh in the Mail.

I hope these examples of funny or cute postcards have sparked a few ideas for you. Don’t forget this fun medium the next time you need to reach out with just a few words and want to add humor, wit, or a handwritten touch.

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