How To: Design a Band Flyer
If you want your band flyer to hit all the right notes, you'll need strong images and a clear message.

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Designing a band flyer that not only looks cool but also creates anticipation for the audience can be challenging.

Promotion plays a major role in the entertainment industry, and a gripping live presence represents a substantial part of a band’s success.

Combining these aspects together requires some special care and insight, which is why we’re giving you five useful tips to make a band flyer that works.

The band should know how they want to be perceived by concert-goers, and the flyer should openly reflect that.

It’s important to do some preliminary research and planning before starting the actual design process.

  • What is the flyer for?
  • Is it an album release event, tour or routine performance?
  • What genre of music does the band play?
  • Are they veteran performers or newcomers?
  • Who are their followers?
  • What kind of listeners will be attracted?
  • What are their shows like?
  • What kind of atmosphere should attendees expect?

Answering these questions is the first step to shape an effective flyer.

Note that if the band is on tour, having one flyer to cover all the dates will not only do the trick, but it will also save you time and money.

However, if the flyer is originally intended for a single show and you want to make use of the same design, changing details (date, time and venue) will suffice.


Source: Todd Fooshee

If you are unsure about how big your flyer should be, picking the standard 8 inches by 11 inches will probably be the safest choice.

Other common dimensions are 8.5 inches by 11 inches (full page), 5.5 inches by 8.5 inches (half page) and the small 4 inches b 6 inches (postcard).

However, the size of your flyer greatly depends on how you’ll use it, so put some thought into it before starting. If you are going to hand them out, a smaller format will work.

If, on the other hand, you want to have a visible flyer, made to attach to walls or poles, the larger 8 inch by 11 inch and 8.5 inch 11 inch formats are what you need.


Above all, you want the visuals of the flyer to be memorable and captivating. The visuals should clearly be about the band and their music.

Generic imagery of musical instruments and people playing them will soon be forgotten, and by using those images, you risk making the band look like billions of other humdrum acts.

From the visuals alone even people who are not familiar with the band should know what to expect and be drawn to the event. Showing the actual members of the band on the flyer is not necessary, but it is important to convey their music’s message.



Source: strawberryluna

Providing all of the essential information is absolutely necessary. This includes the day and time of the event, the venue, entry fees (where applicable) and possible age restrictions.

Sponsors should also be featured, but contact details for general inquiries are optional.



Source: Ana Estrada.

If you are attaching the flyer outside public places, it should be easy to read, even from a distance. This is why you must create a good contrast between text and background.

Text should be minimal and conveniently spaced. Just a few clear fonts should be used throughout the flyer — unless type is an important element of the design.

Effects should lead the eye to specific areas of the flyer without causing confusion. Visuals should occupy a prominent placement.

The name of the band should also be evident and the other details should flow accordingly. Contact information, guests and sponsors can be positioned in a secondary spot.



Source: David Espinosa.

Not only will a well-designed flyer immediately bring people closer to the band, but it can become a prized collectible for fans.

Keeping that in mind, the quality of the print job is also of paramount importance. Trust me, the hard work will be worth the effort.

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    is it better to try and create one of these yourselves if you do not have much graphic design experenice or just to hire a guy?

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      Making A Band Flyer, I believe anyone can create an awesome design, even if they have limited experience and resources. Hopefully, the steps above include some helpful tips to make it easier to come up with something.

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