How To: Add Photos to a Flyer
Don't let your flyer become repetitive with a bunch of text--throw in some photos!

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A flyer without pictures just doesn’t make sense. People love to look at images, so give the people what they want by following these five tips for adding photos to a flyer.

If you want to use your own photos, you can either import them directly from your camera or scan them at 300 DPI. Use high-quality images, especially if you need to print on a large format. You also can buy cheap stock images in various resolutions from a variety of online sites.

Depending on the software you use, you may have to make edits to your original photos separately in another program. With editors like Photoshop, it’s easy to make any adjustment to the photos and add them to the flyer, all while using the same program. However, other programs may require you to have images edited beforehand, like Word or Publisher.

Open your flyer’s document in Photoshop. Then go to File>Place. Browse your folders for your photo file. Once the photo is placed, use the transform tools (CTRL+T on Windows or CMD+T on Mac) to fit it into your flyer’s layout.

If you have to make adjustments to the original photo, open the image as a separate file. Once you have the photo edited, click and drag the photo to your flyer’s document and use the transform tools to position it accurately by resizing, rotating, and so on.

How to Add Photos to a Flyer 1

Illustrator is not the best program for flyers containing raster images, but it is good for working with vector graphics. However, you can still add photos in Illustrator if you need to.

Open your document and go to File>Place. Choose the photo you want to add from your folders and confirm. Use the selection tool (V) to change placement, size, and rotation of the photo.

How to Add Photos to a Flyer 2

Open the flyer’s document in InDesign and make sure there is no element is selected. Go to File>Place to add the image. Use the direct selection tool to adjust the framing and size of the photo.

Note that the command Place will not actually include the photo to your document, but it will create a link to the original image on your computer.

If you need to give the file to somebody who doesn’t have the original image, you need to embed the images first. This is also the case in Photoshop and Illustrator (see #2 and #3).

How to Add Photos to a Flyer 3

With the document open, go to the Insert tab and select Picture. Choose the photo you want to add from your computer’s folder and confirm. With the transform handles, change placement and size of the photo. Change the Wrap Text option to Behind Text if you are having trouble moving the photo around the document.

How to Add Photos to a Flyer 4

Publisher works like Word for adding images to documents. Go to the Insert tab and choose Picture. Browse your folders for your photo and confirm. Move the transform handles around the picture to fit it into your flyer’s layout. Send it backward to position the image behind the text.

How to Add Photos to a Flyer 5

Even if your software of choice isn’t listed above, the techniques are more or less the same for every program. Names of tools can differ slightly from editor to editor, but you should still be able to easily make a flyer with attention-grabbing photos.

Image by Johnny Nyberg. Featured image by Edited in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Cs5, Word and Publisher 2010.

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