How To: Avoid Mistakes When Making a Brochure
The success of your brochure depends on how well you avoid these common mistakes.

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Even with today’s software, it’s fairly easy to make a brochure from scratch. A good brochure requires focus and thought – both of which are hard to achieve through software programs.

Here are a few tips for avoiding common mistakes when designing a brochure.

The cover is the first thing a potential customer will notice. Make it too commonplace or dull and people looking at it will simply ignore it.

A mediocre cover will not make your brochure stand out against the competition, and the cover will have no real impact if it has no relevant connection with the actual content of the brochure.

Choose the cover’s visuals for attractiveness and pertinence.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Making a Brochure 1


The truth is most people have little time and patience to spare and they will skim through brochures quickly, only pausing to read it carefully if they can spot something that really interests them.

This is why being brief and calling attention to the facts is very important.

Whenever you can, sum up the text in short paragraphs and use headlines and lists. Headlines and lists are easy to focus on and they will the keep reader’s interest.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Making a Brochure 2


Disorganized brochures make confused readers and confused readers don’t make satisfied customers.

The reader should know where to look and what the content of the brochure is about. Create a flow across the various panels by giving each panel a logical role, starting with the cover and ending with the back.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Making a Brochure 3


Don’t just pick myriads of colors at random because they are visually striking. Create a limited color palette with colors that will look pleasing together. Stick to this palette for consistency.

The main body of text should be readable. However, you can be more daring with headlines and use brighter colors for accents.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Making a Brochure 4


This last tip is very crucial. You must be clear about your offer and give people a easy way reach you.

You can use all the persuasive techniques you want, but if you leave out the various who, when, where, why and how, it will be as good as putting a blank brochure in the customer’s hands.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Making a Brochure 5


These are some of the basic steps for making an all-around effective brochure. Ultimately, time, observation and practice can help even a beginner develop into a competent designer with an eye for what will work.

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  1. yep, completely agree with the colors tip. so many times i see pieces that have no color fluidity to them, and are overwhelming or distracting.

    • there are some good ones out there though. i have been impressed here and there

      • Harold Fishman (

        I agree, goonX, there are some people and companies out there that actually know how to get it done. However, I agree with Kendra, there are WAy to many terrible pieces floating around. Hopefully this article finds them!