How To: Choose Illustrations for Your Business Brochure
A business brochure should have illustrations that pop and convey professionalism.

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Choosing the right visuals is an important part in the success of your business brochure. Since images are the first thing readers will notice, you need to use them as a focus of attention and as an introduction.

Follow these five tips so you can learn what works and what doesn’t when making a business brochure.

If you start from scratch, some preliminary planning will help you.

Make a list of all the requirements for your images. How many do you need? What’s your style? What ideas do you want to communicate? Where will you place the images? Who is your audience?

You will be able to restrict your search and be more efficient.

If you have the rest of the brochure already laid out, you will have some guidelines to follow when choosing images. Follow your guidelines closely, but stay open to changes.

How to Choose Illustrations for Your Business Brochure 1

Your illustrations need to be pertinent. Use your illustrations to make sure your message will be understood by your readers.

As you would select the most significant words for your text, you need significant images for the brochure to work.

Stock illustration is a great resource for businesses, but since it’s usually tailored to fit a wide range of styles and needs, you will have to be careful that what you choose is close to what you want to communicate.

Being too generic may generate inaccurate publicity or lack substance to win your readers’ attention.

How to Choose Illustrations for Your Business Brochure 2

Colors are very communicative and they can bring your readership closer to your message with little effort on your part.

Depending on your ideal clientele, business and type of promotion, you can use different images containing specific colors and make a strong impression on your targeted readers.

It’s important that you give color the right prominence, but it’s also important that you keep your color palette simple.

Color theory can help you in defining which colors can effectively get your message across and also which ones you should avoid.

We’ve discussed some of these principles in “How to Choose a Color Scheme for a Brochure,” so check it out!

How to Choose Illustrations for Your Business Brochure 3

Quality is another aspect not to overlook. To make your business emerge as reliable, your illustrations should be polished and attractive.

Even if your brochure is awesome, low-quality images will be a major turn-off for your potential clients. Don’t compromise on image quality. What you save today you will eventually lose with missed business opportunities.

How to Choose Illustrations for Your Business Brochure 4

Just because it’s a business brochure doesn’t mean you can’t make it unique. Look at your competitors and try to differentiate your business from theirs through distinctive visuals.

Choose images that will illustrate your message from a fresh, interesting perspective. Don’t stick to commonplace imagery just because it’s the easiest option. To stand out, you need to be memorable.

How to Choose Illustrations for Your Business Brochure 5

If you take the time to plan in advance, choosing the right images for your brochure will be a piece of cake. Starting with a clear idea will make you realize what you need, which will be an invaluable time-saver.

You may have to make some corrections to the original plans, but it will be so much easier to make adjustments than to invent something new on the spot.

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  1. I like brochures that have custom drawings more than stock photos

    • Kristi Maddox (

      I agree. Although there are plenty of great designs and photos that are neat to add, the personal touch of a custom illustration is really appealing.

  2. wow I really like your examples in these steps. the first 2 are great!