How To: Choose the Right T-shirt for Your Needs
What's a guy to do when he doesn't know which T-shirt to wear? Read this tutorial to find out!

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If you need help choosing the right T-shirt for your needs, this brief guide will provide you with an overview of some of the most common T-shirt types, including fits and fabrics for every occasion.

The regular tee is an evergreen that will never go out of fashion. Its strength is in its simplicity and versatility.

By altering details, like the length of the sleeves, color and print, you can create a wide range of looks and make a classic T-shirt to appeal to more people.

How to Choose the Right T-shirt Type for Your Needs 1

Particular collars will suit different styles and occasions.

The crew neck is an all-purpose choice and the most popular cut. Round necks, particularly popular among young people, work well in ringer tees with contrasting details. V-necks are casual but also classy, and they can be worn both by men and women.

Scoop necks complement the figure by making it look slimmer and are often used in ladies apparel. Polo collars combine a neat appearance with comfort and can be a good substitute for formal shirts in the workplace.

How to Choose the Right T-shirt Type for Your Needs 2

Long-sleeved T-shirts can be worn all year round, but they’re not as comfy as regular short-sleeve tees.

If you want the ease of the regular tee and the merits of a long sleeve, you can go for something in the middle.

Three-quarter sleeves combine the qualities of both worlds. They can be incredibly snug for casual wear but can replace long-sleeved shirts in most occasions.

How to Choose the Right T-shirt Type for Your Needs 3

Sleeveless tees come in many varieties and are especially popular among athletes and women. Depending on the cut, they can be either extremely functional or very fashionable.

If you’re  producing a shirt for athletes or sport enthusiasts, the simple A-cut and the “muscle” shirt will be the safest choices. If you want to make cool T-shirts for women, camisoles, tanks and halter tops will have great impact, especially if paired with stylish color palettes and special fabrics.

How to Choose the Right T-shirt Type for Your Needs 4

A T-shirt’s success also depends on its fit. Remember, some types of T-shirts are supposed to be loose, others are best worn tight, and an average fit won’t look good on everybody.

Keep in mind who the wearer will be, and if you want to attract men and women equally, you should consider both regular and ladies fits.

How to Choose the Right T-shirt Type for Your Needs 5

Cotton is the perfect choice for T-shirts. However, some types of apparel require different fabric, both for practical and fashionable reasons.

For example, pique is traditionally used in polo shirts rather than plain cotton, and other choices include silk and synthetic fibers. For sports garments, materials have to be lightweight, durable and capable of preventing perspiration buildup.

Female apparel is often designed to be modern and attractive, and fibers used can include satin, silk, nylon and so on. The only important rule to follow is to select exclusively high-quality materials that will keep their shape and will be comfortable to wear.

How to Choose the Right T-shirt Type for Your Needs 6

T-shirts are so popular that it’s really hard to find somebody who doesn’t love to wear them. I’d bet my sarcastic T-shirt collection you’re wearing a T-shirt right now.

Nevertheless, choosing the right one requires good eye and careful considerations. If you want to select the best T-shirt for your needs, you should know what’s in demand and what your customer base is.

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