How To: Create a Flyer With Tear-Off Tabs
Who are the first cousins of business cards? Tabbed flyers! These tips will show you how to make them.

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Flyers are among the most convenient marketing tools, but add some tabs and you’ve got yourself a powerhouse of printed information.

Tear-off tabs let people walk away with your information while saving them the trouble of taking notes.

Follow these easy steps for how to make a flyer with tabs.

Like any normal ad, graphics should play a central role in your flyer’s design. Images have the power to immediately capture the viewer’s interest, so it’s essential to use only the best material.

Images with vibrant colors work great, but don’t exaggerate them or the final effect will be distracting.

How to Make a Flyer with Tear-Off Tabs 1

Choose a header that draws attention to your ad and include all the relevant information — name and contact details — in the flyer itself.

Even when all the tabs are gone, people still need to be able to get in touch with you.

How to Make a Flyer with Tear-Off Tabs 2

The placement of the tabs will dictate the layout for the rest of your ad. Images should take precedence, especially considering the flyer is primarily for attaching around town.

Text information should be easy to read. Divide the informative elements in succinct blocks of text and choose pleasing alignment and harmonious fonts and colors.

How to Make a Flyer with Tear-off Tabs 3

With either the Pen, Shape or Table tool, depending on the program you have, create the tabs area across the bottom of your document and divide it into cells, taking advantage of your software’s rulers.

Hwo to Make a Flyer with Tear-Off Tabs 4

You’ll have to change the orientation of the text. In programs like Photoshop and GIMP, you can simply rotate the text by 90 degrees. In Word, use the Format tab to change the text direction.

These are just some examples, but any program has an equivalent tool to apply rotation to the text. After changing the text orientation, copy and paste your information multiple times until all the tabs are filled.

How to Create a Flyer with Tear-off Tabs 5

After you have finished designing your flyer, save it in a printer-friendly format, like JPG, PNG or PDF.

For a nicer final touch, you might want to consider printing on high-quality matte or semi-matte paper. Avoid glossy paper because it’s highly reflective and not quite right for flyers. Glossy is usually used for high-definition photo printing.

Make sure the paper is lightweight and thin, otherwise it will be hard to pull the tabs off. Talk to your online printer about your options.

How to Make a Flyer with Tear-Off Tabs 6

After printing your flyer, simply cut along the edges of your tabs with scissors or a paper cutter. All that is left to do at this point is to find the proper places to attach your flyer.

Adding tear-off tabs will only take just a few more minutes than designing a regular flyer, but what seems like such a simple addition can make a huge difference for your business.

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