How To: Create a Fresh-Looking Flyer
What is flyer than a fly flyer with a fly flyer design? Nothing, that's what.

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Not all flyers are memorable. In fact, many designers, especially those who make dozens of flyers routinely, just select a stock picture or two and paste on them some line of text in loud colors.

Unfortunately this process is very conventional and most readers won’t even look at them anymore.

To make your flyer engaging, you need to keep your visuals fresh and pursue a style that goes beyond the commonplace cookie-cutter look. If you don’t know where to start, our guide will give you some good ideas to put you on the right path.

Looking at the work of others is extremely helpful. Not only can you easily discern what doesn’t work when you are the external reviewer, but you can find ideas to adapt and reinvent.

TIP: Along with the great examples below, we have several interesting lists about excellent flyers compiled from around the Web.

1 - Finding inspiration

Mariux Design.

Templates can help you speed up the creative process, but they can rarely be used as they are – unless you don’t care if there are hundreds of flyers around that look exactly like yours.

Templates can give you a better understanding of layout, placement of each item and other technical specs.

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TIP: Blank templates are the best if you just need a general reference to fill with your visuals, words and creativity.

2 - Templates as a Starting Point

Gal Ashkenazi

Colorful flyers are very eye-catching. Take advantage of colors to communicate with people! A stylish color scheme is not only a matter of taste, but it’s a matter of good design.

Bold palettes will work well for promoting activities connected to entertainment and arts, and if your business addresses young audiences, the more “pop” the colors have, the better.

Even for building that sleek corporate look and when attracting mature age groups, color makes a huge difference.

TIP: The colors you choose should meet your audience’s expectations, representing your business style and the services you offer. Several tools can help you come up with a sharp color combination, including: Adobe Kuler and ColourLovers’ ColorSchemer.

3 - The Importance of Color

Kabir Emon

When selecting images, avoid clutter and always pursue high quality.

TIP: Although this tutorial focuses on brochures, the information is still very appropriate when selecting graphics for your flyer.

Use effects to enhance the graphics, but keep it reasonably tasteful: random gradients, glows, strokes and bevels will just make the flyer look like a mess and confuse the viewer.

Fonts also are essential to graphics. Childish fonts like the infamous Comics Sans will be a major turn-off, so stay away from them.

TIP: Graphics are the main focus of the flyer and it’s worth being extra careful with them. Choose the best you can afford to draw people’s attention.

4 - Modern, Cool Graphics

Kinzi Wij

By themselves, small details can look negligible. However, details seen in context make a huge difference.

Amateur designers often only care about the big picture. The professionals, on the other hand, know even the finest detail has a significant impact on the viewer.

TIP: Text alignment and character spacing, correct spelling, adequate image quality, proper color management – all these things matter. Don’t underestimate them and always make time to double-check that everything is in order before printing.

5 - Take Care of Details

Sabin Plesa

Completing your flyer as quickly as possible can be tempting, especially if you’re a beginner and you’re about to make your first flyer.

Easy solutions and shortcuts can get you started, but always make the effort to take your work a step further. Not only you will acquire solid knowledge that you will be able to reuse in your next project, but you will make a stronger impression on your clients, old and new.

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