How To: Create Your Own Study Abroad Postcard
Ditch buying a typical study postcard — make your own instead!

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Studying abroad is always an exciting period in your life to captivate new experiences.

Sending study abroad postcards to friends and family is still one of the most memorable and inexpensive ways to share your experiences with others.

This tutorial illustrates how to make a basic study abroad postcard from scratch, such as using photos and text together, and will also give you some general guidelines on what and what not to do.


Start by creating a new document in Photoshop. The postcard can be a standard 4” x 6”, or you can choose other measurements like a panoramic 11.5” x 6”.

Orientation depends on the graphics you plan to use. Both portrait and landscape will work fine with the right images. Choose a 300 pixels per inch resolution for printing.


You can browse free and paid stock photo repositories for the images you need, or use your own pictures. Make sure the file is high-quality and has good contrast to be more eye-catching. Choose images that will be relevant for your ideal audience.

Once you have your image, open it in Photoshop. Apply saturation, contrast and other adjustments if you need, and then copy and paste it into your postcard document. Use transform tools, such as scale and rotate, to fit it nicely onto your document.


Simple fonts are easier to adapt to any graphic. Keep your text on the front brief yet captivating. If you want to add more text, you can use the back of the postcard. Put your contact information on the back for people to write back to you.


The back is very simple to make. Just create a new document as the same size of your front. Divide the blank space into two halves by drawing a straight line with the line tool and placing it about 2/3 to the right.

The smaller area can have the recipient’s address, whereas your message can go on the larger section. You can add a colored background and type additional information on the back to make it useful and interesting. Just be consistent with colors and fonts while matching the style of the front.


To print your postcards, buy inkjet card stock that can be printed on both sides and is compatible with your printer. If you have a printer that has an option to print documents on both sides, then select this option on your printing settings.

Otherwise, you can do it by hand. Simply flip the postcard and feed it again to the printer. You can also use an online printing service instead like VistaPrint or Print Place.

Creating your study abroad postcard should be unique and engaging so your friends and family can see all your experiences overseas. By combining unique photos and text, your own study abroad postcard will capture your experience overseas and make it even more memorable.

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