How To: Format Text and Images on Posters
Poster are nothing without text and images.

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Keeping the content of a poster organized and making it look attractive can be difficult.

Here are some methods to arrange text and visuals in a poster in a fresh and surprising way — with examples!

Text on a poster doesn’t have to be formatted in the traditional horizontal position. An atypical orientation can do wonders when combined with the right graphics.

Vertically aligned text can make a bland poster more interesting to look at or it can boost the appeal of an already striking poster by giving it an unexpected twist.

This style works very well with abstract background images.

How to Format Text and Images on Posters 1


In some cases, horizontal may be boring and vertical may be too much.

Diagonal text is a clever way of compromising between horizontal and vertical orientation and to create a visual flow for the viewer to follow and explore.

Diagonal arrangement is great to emphasize a geometric background.

How to Format Text and Images on Posters 2


Creating a minimal poster opens more paths to creative text and visual organization. The designer has to cut off anything superfluous, only keeping a few essential features.

In this type of design, text and images are balanced perfectly to convey a subtle idea, while negative space becomes a crucial element. Minimal posters are often very powerful visually.

How to Format Text and Images on Posters 3


Text and graphics can be merged into one typographic artwork image to be used in the poster.

The focus can be either on text or on images. Depending on the focus, the poster will acquire a peculiar dimension and style, leaning toward highly stylized descriptive graphics or pure abstraction.

How to Format Text and Images on Posters 4


Hand-drawn posters are excellent to arouse people’s curiosity. It’s relatively easy to achieve an eclectic and unique look.

These posters can cover a wide range of visual approaches, but the hand-drawn style works best with informal material and to convey an artistic effect.

How to Format Text and Images on Posters 5


In their most accomplished examples, the most communicative posters are actually very organized and follow balance and order.

Sometimes the best results are achieved by combining different techniques, conventional and unconventional. Experimenting always starts with careful planning and with a powerful, unequivocal concept.

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