How To: Format Text-Heavy Postcards
If you have a lot to say in a short amount of space, this tutorial will show you what to do.

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Postcards can make promotion very easy, but what if you have text-heavy content to manage? Is it still OK to use a postcard? And how do you keep your content organized while keeping the postcard’s appeal?

If you want a practical answer to these questions, follow these easy tips to learn more about making a postcard filled with texy!

There are dozens of way to express a single idea, but if you have too much text on your postcard, you should consider rephrasing and simplifying. Be brief with short, clear sentences. Be direct to get your point across.

How to Format Text-Heavy Postcards 1


Every detail isn’t absolutely necessary to make your postcard relevant and interesting. Get rid of what is not important and determine what the focal point of your postcard really is. Know your postcard’s limits and just stick to the essentials.

How to Format Text-Heavy Postcards 2


You don’t have to say all through text. Postcards are a powerful vehicle for promotional purposes thanks to their visual side. Selecting the right images to go with your text will make it easier to get your message across.

How to Format Text-Heavy Postcards 3


For a text-based postcard to be engaging, alignment and color need to be relevant. To make your postcard easy to read, shape the text with short paragraphs and choose a contrast that goes with the surrounding design.

Text can be a visual incentive to the reader’s attention with an appropriate layout and a good color palette.

How to Format Text-Heavy Postcards 4


Some typefaces will give your postcard better readability and flow, which will improve the final effect of your postcard. Choosing the most appropriate font depends on your style.

In general, limiting the use of fancy typefaces in text-heavy postcards and sticking to clean fonts will give you more control to better organize your text.

How to Format Text-Heavy Postcards 5


You don’t have to feel compelled to fit a whole pamphlet in your postcard. Actually, one of the strongest points of a postcard is brevity, so take advantage of that. Remember there are other formats you can use for extensive bodies of text.

How to Format Text-Heavy Postcards 6


Postcards are great for promotional purposes or just sending a greeting to a friend. Put yourself in the place of your audience to determine what your postcard needs. Hopefully these tips will help you to get started.

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  1. sent out a huge direct marketing thing with tons of postcards a few years back. we tried to cram as much as possible on those things and they ended up looking awful. spacing is really important.

    • happens quite a bit i think

    • Kristi Maddox (

      That is a common problem. It is always helpful to have someone around who has some design or marketing experience to take a look before a lot of money is spent on something you are not completely satisfied with. Hopefully this helps for next time!