How To: Make a Babysitter Flyer
Want to spread the word about your services? Make an eye-catching flyer!

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If you’ve started a babysitting service (à la “The Baby-Sitters Club”), you need to find fun and creative ways to promote it. Word of mouth is great for this kind of business, but flyers still help a lot when it comes to getting the word out.

Here are eight steps to creating a babysitter flyer that is sure to catch the eye of future clients. You can use a variety of different programs, such as Microsoft Word or InDesign, but I will be using Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Before starting any design project, you should develop a plan or sketch before you get to work. Decide what content you need to include, what size you want, a theme, images, colors, etc.

You could search the Web for good stock images to use in your design.

How to Make a Babysitter Flyer 1

Set up the size you have chosen. Here I will use 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

How to Make a Babysitter Flyer 2

The images you have chosen to use can be inserted into the document now.

TIP: Leave space at the top for the header and the bottom for contact information.

How to Make a Babysitter Flyer 3

In a large bold font, create the header, which should be your name or business name.

TIP: Be sure you include the word babysitting or something that indicates your services in the header.

How to Make a Babysitter Flyer 4

Add bullet points that tell the reader why they should choose you as their babysitter. Be concise and consider the most important aspects of being a good babysitter.

How to Make a Babysitter Flyer 5

If you want to, include tear-away tabs with your phone number. If not, simply put your name (if it’s not in the header), phone number and maybe an email.

TIP: Make sure the font is large enough to read at a distance.

How to Make a Babysitter Flyer 6

Take a look at the flyer and see if there is anything you missed. Make sure all the information is accurate and there’s no spelling or grammar mistakes.

I think our example could use a little more pizazz at the header to grab the reader’s attention.

How to Make a Babysitter Flyer 7

Make sure you print in full color. Print one test page first to ensure everything turned out as planned.

If you have the time, consider using a professional printing service to give your flyer an added punch of legitimacy.

How to Make a Babysitter Flyer 8

Now that you have an attention-grabbing flyer that lists your qualities and contact information, you’re ready to post them on community bulletin boards or leave them with local businesses. Take copies with you so you are always prepared to leave a flyer behind!

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  1. Hey thanks, this was perfect. Already got a couple calls! 🙂

  2. After you make a flyer, is it better to try and hand them out or to hand them up?

    • *hang them up! sry

    • Kenny Austin
      Kevin Austin (

      Great question, Grada. The answer probably depends on where you live or what area and people you are trying to reach. Hanging them up in strategic areas around town might be the best way to go, as handing them out might result in a lot of people not needing babysitting services that you hand them too.

      Because many printers offer pricing discounts for the more flyers you print, you could order a few more and try both to see which method results in the most calls. Good luck!

  3. i like theses ideas