How To: Make a Band Sticker
Band stickers are a great way to promote your music and give your fans something to be proud of.

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A band’s success depends a lot on its ability to produce and distribute attractive merchandise. Stickers are fairly cheap to produce, even at home, so they are great for bands that are on a budget.

Here is how you can make your band stickers in just a few steps.

The first thing you need to do to make your stickers is get the necessary items for this project. All you will need is an image editor of your choice, a printer, sticker paper compatible with your printer, clear laminate to make the stickers glossy and scissors to cut out the final product.

Starting with a sketch is the best idea, especially if you don’t have any graphics ready to ust. Put several ideas on paper. If you prefer, you can use image editors like Photoshop and Illustrator instead of pencil and paper to sketch.

How to Make a Band Sticker 1

If your band has a logo, it will make a good subject for the sticker.

If you don’t have a logo yet, you should consider creating one. Not only will you be able to use it in stickers, but you’ll also be able to use it on other merchandise like T-shirts or album covers. A logo will make the band easily recognizable from a visual point of view.

How to Make a Band Sticker 2

You can turn anything into a sticker: slogans, quotes, illustrations, photographs. You can combine more items into the same sticker, including a photo and the logo or illustrations and quotes.

However, keep the graphics simple and don’t add too many elements to the same sticker.

How to Make a Band Sticker 3

When your graphics are ready, you need to prepare them for printing. Create a new document in your image editor, entering the same width and height as your sticker paper.

Choose a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. Copy and paste the graphics into the new document and use the transform tools to resize and move them around. Place all the graphics away from the borders (a margin of about .125” for each border will do) to ensure they will not be cut off when printing.

Copy multiple versions of the graphics so you can print several stickers on a single sheet of paper. Save it as a PDF or JPG, but keep a copy of the original file for future editing needs.

How to Make a Band Sticker 4

Before printing on your adhesive sheets, always test on traditional paper. When you are 100 percent sure everything looks good, you can print on the actual sticker support.

After printing, lay the sheet of stickers flat on an even surface to apply the clear laminate. Start smoothing out the surface with a ruler to make sure no air bubbles will form between the two layers of your sticker.

When you are done, use scissors to cut out each sticker.

How to Make a Band Sticker 5

Making stickers for a band is not very difficult or time consuming. However, you need to have a good idea to get started. If you need motivation, just think about how your stickers will be a hit for your fans.

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