How To: Make A Birth Announcement Postcard
Introduce your newborn to friends and family with birth announcement postcards!

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The birth of a new baby is a moment full of great joy. Creating your newborn’s own endearing birth announcement postcards is the cutest way to share the happy news with family and loved ones.

Here are 5 easy steps for how to make a birth announcement postcard in Microsoft Word.

First launch Microsoft Word and click on “New.” In the search field, enter “birth announcement.” A preview list of all documents related to your search will appear. You can choose any style you like to create the postcard.

A screenshot of birth announcement templates in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word offers an array of birth announcement templates.

Modify the sample text by clicking on it. When the text field is active, add your own text. You can follow the example or come up with a creative way to introduce your pride and joy to the world.

A screenshot of editing text on a birth announcement postcard in Word

Remember to use simple fonts and text when creating a birth announcement postcard.

If you want to apply a different style to the postcard, you can change the font and color by using various tools in Word. Just make sure your text and font remain simple so it doesn’t take away from the picture of your newborn.

Replace the template’s photo with a picture of your newborn. Right-click on the document, select “Change Picture” and insert all the photos you want. You can also edit the photo using the “Picture Format” tab, such as add brightness and use color correction. Use the transform handles to fit the photo(s) into the postcard frame.

A screenshot of inserting a photo of a newborn into the postcard template

Add one or more photos of your beautiful newborn into the postcard!

In a Word template, you have the option to make other changes. For example, you can modify the color of the postcard template with anything you desire. Click on the table, go to the “Table Design” tab and select your desired color from the “Table Shading” menu.

A screenshot of changing the postcard's background color

You can change the color of the birth announcement to anything you want!

Microsoft Word postcard templates can be copied on the same document, which is very convenient for printing purposes. You can print out two 4” x 6” postcards on a single document. Word applies changes automatically to both postcards, whereas you may have to manually copy the postcard in other software programs. Make sure each postcard is identical by checking text and images before printing.

A screenshot of replicating a postcard in the same document.

Word lets you print out two postcards on just one document!

 Using a template in Word is a quick way to make a personalized birth announcement postcard in just minutes. You can complete the project by saving the document either as a Word file or in PDF format, which will make it easier to print.

Once you’re done, share your birth announcement with friends and family!

Edited in Microsoft Word 2016. Sample photo by Beth Tang.

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