How To: Make a Brochure in Open Office
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Making a brochure can cost you a lot, especially if you need a professional to design it for you. Even if you are willing to create your own brochure instead of hiring a designer, you will still need to buy the necessary software.

If you are on a tight budget and are planning to make your own brochure, there is a very simple solution: use Open Office. The program is free to download, so if you don’t have the budget to buy the program, you can still make your own brochure.

Even if the template comes with graphics and text, you will need to customize it. Let’s start with the text. To modify it, just click on a text area and drag your mouse to select the whole body of text you want to alter, and then start typing to replace the dummy words with your own. While the text is selected, you can also change font face, size, and color.

How to Make a Brochure in Open Office 2

The template’s images are generic and might go well with the brochure you have in mind. However, if you want to replace them with your own photos, select the desired image and hit backspace to delete it. Then go to Insert>Picture>From File, browse you computer’s folders to find the image you want to use and confirm.

Use the transform handles to resize and move your picture to position it correctly. Right click on it and select the Arrange command to change its arrangement and send it behind the other design elements or to bring it forward.

How to Make a Brochure in Open Office 3

Adding a logo to the brochure will help you make your business immediately recognizable. If you have your logo, you should definitely include it. You can simply follow the same instructions that worked with normal pictures and go to Insert>Picture>From File.

Place the logo where it will be easily noticed and adjust its arrangement to bring it to the front. Keep in mind that if you want to place your logo anywhere without unprofessional borders showing up, you will need to use an image file with a transparent background. Have the logo saved in a file format that will make this possible (GIF or PNG, for instance).

How to Make a Brochure in Open Office 4

All the other areas in the template are editable as well, so you can customize the brochure even more. In this case, I might want to change the gray area at the bottom of the template to another color to make it blend with the rest of the brochure.

Select the area and click on the Area icon in the Drawing Object Properties toolbar. From the pop-up menu, you can choose from a variety of options: You can simply change the original gray to some other color or fill it with gradients, patterns, and background images.

How to Make a Brochure in Open Office 5

Use the same techniques for customizing the inside: Select areas to format colors, insert your pictures, alter font style, and enter your own text.

How to Make a Brochure in Open Office 6

Templates in Open Office make it particularly easy to create a brochure, even for people with no previous experience. By using a template as a base and changing the design elements and the information to suit your needs, you can create your own brochure in minutes.

Images by Tijmen Van Dobbenburgh, Mateusz Żdanko, Alvimann. Logo by Logo Open Stock. Edited in OpenOffice Writer 3.4.1.

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  1. i have never used open office before is it easy?

    • Harold Fishman (

      James, yes, Open Office is very easy to use. It shares many similarities in functionality and flow as MS Word, and should be a simple enough tool for anyone with moderate computer experience.

  2. just made one and it looks good. thanks for the help!