How To: Make a Business Brochure
If you want to wow your clients, you'll need a "wowable" brochure.

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A brochure is the ideal promotional tool for any business to grow its customer base.

Brochures give people information in a good-looking format, and unlike other marketing materials, brochures can be equally attractive and contain in-depth content.

More than that, they guarantee your potential customers will know exactly what kind of services you offer.

However, you have to keep in mind a few crucial steps when making a successful brochure.

Your brochure must be tailored to fit your business’ purpose. Determine your objective and ask yourself a few basic questions.

What is your business’ strength? What is that makes it unique? What services are you delivering? What type of audience will be attracted by your offer?

Once you have gone through the prep stage, it will be easier to develop an organic theme that will be the backbone of your brochure.

How to Make a Business Brochure 1

Since this a business brochure, all graphics — photos, logos and other visuals — must illustrate your objective. Your customers should know what you will be able to do for them and feel that they can trust you.

With this in mind, stay away from poor-quality photographs and cheap clip art. Choose only polished and professional-looking images that are relevant to your trade.

How to Make a Business Brochure 2

Working on the brochure’s palette is fundamental. The colors you choose must blend well with your graphics and reinforce your message.

Again, you want your brochure to convey a sense of dependability, and this is reflected in every element of the design, color choice included. Remember that colors must suit your line of business and your general purpose.

How to Make a Business Brochure 3

If graphics are what will win your clientele’s attention, solid information is what will keep them leafing through the brochure.

Be concise and use a straightforward language. Don’t make them question your intentions.

No matter what kind of business you are promoting, some pieces of information will always be in your brochure. Include your contact details and add a map or directions so potential visitors can get in touch.

How to Make a Business Brochure 4

The layout of your brochure must reflect all your previous efforts. Shape your theme of choice by arranging all the elements in a neat, elegant manner.

Give the images a dominant placement, but keep the information accessible. You want your potential clients to remember you immediately, so include your logo where it’s clearly visible.

If you are making a multi-fold brochure, put your best images on the front and distribute the text among the other pages.

Choose just a few clean, legible typefaces and make sure there’s enough contrast between the text and the background so everything is easy on the eye. Be consistent with your style. The mix-and-match approach can work in other instances, but it has no place in business.

With that said, I don’t mean to imply a business brochure has to be completely serious. Do what you feel suits your particular needs best.

How to Make a Business Brochure 5

Whatever the size or purpose of your business, the elements of design you need to create a powerful promotional brochure are the same. Make it attractive, pertinent and as memorable as possible. An effective marketing campaign is one that will give you results in the long run.

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