How To: Make a Business Card for Business Men
It takes a special person to work in business, which is why your business card should reflect that.

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Business people rely on business cards to expand their circle of connections, but there are significant differences between cards suited to the so-called white collars and cards suited to people in other lines of business.

What works for one doesn’t always work well for another. In this tutorial, I’ll explain what works and what doesn’t. Use these tips as guidelines when making your own business card.

The first priority is including your name, company and specialty.

Adding other details like education, position or a brief overview isn’t necessary, but it may help clients or future employers form a better idea of what you do.

Contact details can be limited to emails, phone numbers and websites.

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Cards that are heavy on graphics may work well for others in a creative work environment, but not for people in business. In this case, a minimal design is preferred. The no-frills approach helps keep the focus on what’s relevant.

The same is true for your color scheme, so limit the selection to just a few colors. If you’re including a profile picture, create a design that will flow with the rest of the card and avoid snapshot-like images.

Logos or monograms will create interest and reinforce identity without loading the card with useless decor. They also contribute to the professional feel of the card.

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Everybody can make mistakes once in a while, but you don’t want to have typos on the card, misspelled names or information that is not 100 percent accurate.

Typos and other mistakes will make the card look amateur and this will be detrimental to establishing a professional image and securing contacts.

Take the time to proofread and correct any mistakes before handing the files to the online printer.

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Sturdy card stock is often preferred by people who want to convey reliability and competence. Flimsy card stock is less expensive, but it also tends to bend easily and doesn’t feel as good when handled.

A stock of 300 gsm/12 point and up is recommended. The thicker the better, especially if budget is not a problem.

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Textured or specialty card stocks add a lot in terms of interest and elegance because they brings out the best in a simple design, which is important when you’re opting for a clean look.

The same can be said of letterpress effects. Depending on the design of the card, including these additional touches may be a very effective way to make the card more attractive while keeping distracting elements to a minimum.

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When creating a business card for business people, consistency is important- both in content and in design. Ultimately, consistency will show signs of elegance and reliability.

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  1. I would really recommend having a couple people read over & edit your text before you send it off. Those small mistakes cause the biggest frustrations!

    • Kenny Austin
      Kevin Austin (

      Great advice, shootout! It is amazing how the simplest things like your email address or website URL can have an overlooked typo. Distributing those errors is no fun at all.