How To: Make A Business Card In Microsoft Word 2010
Behind the scenes of business card creation.

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A business card is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to spread the word about your business. It’s well worth an investment, but if you’re just starting out or you don’t have the necessary resources, Microsoft Work is a fast and easy method to make your own business card.

Word offers a variety of print-ready templates anyone can customize in minutes. Follow these easy steps to learn how to make a business card from a template.

Open Microsoft Word (Start>Programs>Microsoft Word) and start a new business card project (File>New>Blank Document>Business Card>Print Business Cards). Wait for the template list to load.

For this tutorial, I am using one of the basic card templates. Feel free to choose another one if you prefer.

Make sure you have access to an Internet connection: Word connects to’s online library to let you download templates to your computer.

To open the document, click on the thumbnail of your template and the “Download” button under the preview in the sidebar.

How to Make a Business Card in Microsoft 2010 1

The best thing about templates is you already have the layout figured out.

All you have to do is click on the various text areas to replace the default information with your own details. Right click on the text to pull up the font menu and edit font face, size and style.

How to Make a Business Card in Microsoft 2010 2

A logo is essential to make your business recognizable. Logos are just as important as your contact information.

Double click on the default logo image and select “Change image.” Browse your folders until you find your logo file. Adjust size and placement of the image if you need to.

If you are having a hard time moving the logo around, try changing the way the text wraps around the images by using the “Text Wrap” panel.

How to Make a Business Card in Microsoft 2010 3

Tip: If you don’t have a transparent background in your logo, you can try the “Remove Background” feature in Word. However, it’s easier to start with a logo that doesn’t require retouching.

Other areas of the card template are fully customizable as well.

You can change the look of the various shapes in the document by double clicking on them and choosing fills, outlines and other special effects available in the Format menu.

How to Make a Business Card in Microsoft 2010 4

When you open a business card template in Word, the document contains multiple identical cards. This way you can print several business cards (usually between 8 and 10, depending on the style) at once.

Repeat the previous steps for all your cards to have a print-ready business card sheet.

How to Make a Business Card in Microsoft 2010 5

When you are happy with your card, save it. Choose the PDF format for files you want to print.

How to Make a Business Card in Microsoft 2010 6

Tip: Save your document as often as you can to make sure no changes are lost.

How to Make a Business Card in Microsoft 2010 7

Designing a great card from scratch takes a lot effort and expertise, but creating a clean business card in Microsoft Word using an attractive logo, clear information and a fitting template can do the trick, especially for companies or individuals just starting out.

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  1. good for a basic design/card. thanks.

  2. hate word with a passion. but, i know there are people who have to use it. i do not envy those people…

    • Kenny Austin
      Kevin Austin (

      MS Word is definitely not the ideal choice for any design work, but can actually be quite capable of creating some good looking, although basic, designs.

  3. how can you just save a ‘single’ business card as a .pdf or .jpg?

  4. Kenny Austin
    Kevin Austin (

    Great question, Brenda!

    If you are using a template that comes with multiple cards like in the sample, you can simply delete all the superfluous cards in the document, leaving only one in the page before saving/printing.

    Good luck!

  5. Exactly… In the search results it describes a portion about how you can save in Jpeg. The actual article says nothing about it?!

    • Kenny Austin
      Kenny Austin (

      Hi Crystal! Great catch! Release the mouse key to open a new window containing your document in Word. Click “File” in the menu bar of the Snipping Tool window and choose “Save As.” Type a name for your image in the File Name field. Select the “Save As Type” drop-down menu and choose “JPEG file (*JPG).” Hope that helps!

  6. what do you print it on? Do you have to buy special card stock paper? How do they line up when you print them? help please. thank you

    • Kristi Maddox (

      Hello Andy! You can buy business card stock at retail stores like Office Depot. If you’re trying to stick to a budget, you can buy Avery Laser Microperforated Business Cards card stock, size of 2″ x 3 1/2″. Hope this helps!

  7. Do we have to populate each of the cards on the page separately, or is there a way to duplicate the first one to the rest of the sheet, as you can in a mail merge?

    • Kristi Maddox (

      Hi Tracey! Unfortunately, you can’t duplicate the first one to the rest of the document. However, you can easily copy and paste your information into each cell!