How To: Make a Business Card with Social Networking Info
Social networking has become more than just sharing funny cat videos with your friends. It's also a way for professionals to grow their brand and business.

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Social media has become a big part of everyone’s daily routine. Most people check their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile every day in order to stay updated on the latest news in their industry.

Given the importance both business cards and social networking have for striving professionals, here are a few tips to help you make a business card with your social networking information front and center.

Your social media info should be written clearly and placed somewhere where it will be easy to spot. If possible, write the links to your social profiles in full. Remember some people aren’t savvy with social networking, so make it easy for them to figure it out on their own.

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If you have a profile for every social network in existence, you don’t have to include them all if they aren’t relevant. Why add your Instagram handle if you only keep family photos on there?

Only include social contact details when they reinforce your professional identity.

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Social networking icons are easily recognizable because they provide a strong hook for the viewer. If you can fit these icons in your design, use them to direct attention toward your social information.

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You didn’t include your social networking info just to have people stare at it, did you? Make them want to visit your profile, make it rewarding for people to connect, and make it easy to understand.

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Your card is still about your business, not just about your social web presence. Even people who don’t care about social networking may be interested in what you do and may have a use for your skills or promotions.

Give them other ways to get in touch. Always include your email address and the URL to your website, if the site is connected to your business. If you have a local business, also include a phone number and physical address.

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Do you need your social info on your business card? If you want to grow your customer base, you definitely do. Even if your Internet presence is very limited at the moment, you will find it beneficial to include it on your card.

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  1. The card w/ the icons is a neat idea. looking into that

    • ^ For sure a good idea. I have my handles on my card, and you don’t get an overwhelming amount of contact from them, but I have received a few new followers and such from handing my cards out which presents a new opportunity for free.

      • Kenny Austin
        Kevin Austin (

        Great thoughts, Amanda, thanks for sharing! I completely agree. Any free chances to connect with someone could lead to big opportunities! Social Media is a great tool!