How To: Make A Business Flyer In Microsoft Word 2010
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When you’re on a budget, hiring a professional to design a flyer for your business is out of the question. One of the easiest ways to make a good-looking flyer in minutes is to use Word’s templates.

Working with a professional printer is the most user-friendly choice for a beginner, as many have high-quality, easy to use design tools that make it possible to edit text, add graphics and use effects quickly.

In this step-by-step tutorial, I’m going to make a simple flyer by customizing one of Word’s templates.

Open Word (Start>Programs>Microsoft Word) and create a new flyer document (File>New>Blank Document>Flyers>Marketing Flyers). Wait for the list of the available templates to load and click on the preview.

When the template shows up in the sidebar, click on the “Download” button to open it. For this tutorial, I’m using the General Consulting design, but the editing techniques I’m going to use are exactly the same for all designs.

Remember that templates are provided by In order to use them, you need a working Internet connection.

How to Make a Business Flyer in Microsoft Word 2010 1

How to Make a Business Flyer in Microsoft Word 2010 2

Click on the various text areas around the document and input your text. Change the font style by right clicking the mouse, and then select the desired options from the pop-up text editor.

How to Make a Business Flyer in Microsoft Word 2010 3

Every area of your document is a shape. By double clicking on each of these areas, you can change their outline and fill (add solid colors, gradients, patterns, pictures) or apply other effects (shadows, 3D effects) from the Format menu.

If you like, you can add new shapes or delete those you don’t need by selecting them and hitting backspace.

How to Make a Business Flyer in Microsoft Word 2010 4

To change the default photos, double click on them and select “Change Pictures” from the Format menu. Browse your folders until you find the images you want.

It’s very simple to place and resize your images to fit the flyer’s layout. If you encounter troubles with positioning, try changing the way the text wraps around the images with “Wrap Text.”

TIP: Photos and other graphics are the best way to make a flyer immediately eye-catching, but you should only choose high-quality images that are relevant to your project.

How to Make a Business Flyer in Microsoft Word 2010 5

Select the sample logo by clicking on it and hit backspace to delete it, then Insert>Picture to add your own. Choose the logo from your hard drive. Here I am using a PNG file with transparent background.

TIP: Logos with transparent backgrounds are more flexible because you can place them anywhere on your document without ugly boxes showing up around them.

How to Make a Business Flyer in Microsoft Word 2010 6

Click on the save icon on top of Word’s window and choose your desired document name and file format. For projects intended for printing, the best choice is to save as PDF. Check out our review tables to find the printer best suited to your needs.

TIP: Remember to save your project often to make sure that no important change is lost.

This is what our finished flyer looks like. It didn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete our project.

How to Make a Business Flyer in Microsoft Word 2010 7

How to Make a Business Flyer in Microsoft Word 2010 8

The creation of a successful flyer for any business is a balanced combination of transparent concept and functional design. In the end, it doesn’t really matter what tools you use: always keep in mind that a powerful message comes before the designing stage.

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  1. will this help for word 2007? tia

    • Kristi Maddox (

      Draculove, some elements and functionalites will be different for MS Word 07, but the steps we took were very basic and should be available. Some options and menus will also be located in a different place, so don’t give up if the steps are not exact!

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    people travelling , etc. ?

  3. Am looking to create a flyer for my finance business related to home loan,mortgage loan and personal loan.Do you have any kind of format that’s related to loans.

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