How To: Make a Business Postcard
Spread the word with personalized postcards.

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Even if they’re not shiny or have a high screen resolution, a good, old-fashioned postcard is still a powerful marketing tool. Postcards are a pretty inexpensive and very effective way to help your business’ growth, especially when you make them yourself.

Make sure you follow these easy tips to create a winning postcard-based campaign for your small business.

It’s crucial to determine your postcard’s objective before creating it. Do you want to attract new clients or reinforce your connection with older customers? Want to announce a special event, promote particular services and products, or simply keep your audience involved? Or do you want to call people to action by offering them a discount coupon or inform them about ongoing sales?

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These are just a few examples of using business postcards, but there are certainly more possibilities for using them to your business’ benefit. Considering all those possibilities, having a clear idea in mind will help you to come up with a more efficient campaign.

Like other advertisement materials, the effectiveness of a postcard depends on the balance between many elements. Text and graphics should work together to convey a simple and direct message. To keep your ad on track and customers interested, write powerful headlines, choose readable typefaces and attractive images, and place your business logo where it will be highlighted.

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Keep in mind that too little or too many of these elements can create a chaotic final result, so keep your postcard free of useless content, such as clutter, flashy typography, or too much information. They are often confusing and get tiresome after a while.

Postcards are awesome because the front and back are relatively independent areas and can be used for different purposes. The front of the postcard is what should immediately attract people’s attention, but the back can be filled with relevant details that you can’t fit on the front, such as the mission statement or a description of your business, contact info, or a map with directions.

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Since the postcard’s aim is to grab attention and offer helpful information for the customer, definitely use both sides to maximize your ad’s impact on current and potential customers.

If you have no previous experience with postcard design or can’t invest on a designer to create a draft, the best idea is to download a template and make changes on it. Depending on your software and desired specs, you’ll find a variety of postcard templates on the web.

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These are a few places where you can look for templates: StockLayouts, SmileTemplates, PSPrint, AcidFlyers, FreePSDFiles, and Microsoft Word. Many printing services have their own templates (see Step 5), which we recommend using. You can find a tutorial on how to customize a Word template here.

There are few things that will ruin the good opinion your future clients as quickly as presenting them with a poorly printed postcard — or business card. You probably want to give the task of producing your postcard to a professional printer, especially considering it is fairly cheap to print volumes of postcards for a fraction of what you would spend if you had to do it yourself.

There are several online printers that are good for printing products for small businesses, such as PrintPlace and Vistaprint. We’ve gone ahead and tested and reviewed these sites, so check out our comparison tables here.

Postcards are one of the most versatile printed products to build up a customer base while keeping costs down. Even better, you can manipulate postcards to suit your business campaign to appeal to your customers while promoting your vision and individuality.

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