How To: Make a Business Poster
All you need is one good poster to put your business on the map.

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If you want to make an impression on a large number of people at once, a poster might be the marketing tool to do the job. A single poster can attract a large audience, but how do you make a good poster to attract that audience to your business? Here are some of the important things you need to consider.

If the poster is for a branding campaign, a motto, a logo, basic information, and the right graphics is the ticket to attract the right audience. If the poster is about a promotion, you will need to clearly define what’s different or special for your customers.

Think about the specific kind of customer you want to attract when designing your poster. Targeting your preferred audience will work better than creating a generic poster that doesn’t appeal to anybody in particular. You need to know who you are addressing.

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Making a great poster will not get you the attention you want unless people can actually notice it, so you need to choose where you want to put your poster and what size you want to make it, depending on its use.

Large posters will work well if you want your campaign to stand out easily, but smaller ones will be better if you have space limitations and need a practical format.

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The poster’s main appeal is in its looks. Images have the power to motivate people, sometimes even more so than words. Choose graphics that will be suggestive and engaging in the eyes of potential clients and that will reinforce your message.

Remember to use crisp graphics. If the original images come with flaws, these will be even more noticeable when enlarged.

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A strong headline, combined with great graphics, is a simple and effective way to give your poster some punch. Your business details should be easy to spot but should also blend with the rest of the poster. Make sure the information doesn’t take anything away from the poster’s flow.

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Overloading the poster will not work. You want the viewers to immediately get your message, but adding too much text may confuse them and make them miss the point of your campaign.

Most of the time passers-by will glance at a poster while out and about but will not take the time to read complicated information, so you need to make your message clear and easy to grasp in a glance.

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Posters are excellent way to target a large audience and let them know what your business is about, so turn those casual onlookers into potential clients with an exciting poster! Keep in mind these few simple steps and you’ll be on your way to a powerful poster.

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  1. some great tips here, thanks!

  2. what is the best computer program to make a poster in

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      Great question! The program you use should be determined by the level of experience you have with design programs. Photoshop and Illustrator give the most options, but Word can work as well for someone with less design know-how.

      Good for all of us, most online printers offer on-site poster design tool s that are simple for anyone to create a great poster. Check out our reviews,, to find the best printer for your project!

      Good luck!

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