How To: Make a Church Brochure
Make a church brochure worth showing off to your community.

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Who said all church brochures have to be boring and serious? Even when making a church brochure, there is still room for different ideas and creative approaches. Tailor your brochure to your readers and you’ll be sure to have their attention.

Here are five useful tips for making a brochure that will be visually engaging for your church followers – old and new.

First of all, to make an effective brochure, you need to determine your objectives.

Who are your recipients, and what are you trying to communicate? Who are you addressing? The young people, the old followers, a public with particular interests or issues, the community as a whole?

Do you want to give an overview of the church’s activities, inform about special events or send a reminder to those who aren’t frequent visitors?

Answer these questions before you begin creating the actual brochure.

How to Make a Church Brochure 1

There are several types of brochures and the format you choose depends on the use of your brochure, the amount of information you have to include, the means of distribution and so on.

Unless you have specific requirements, a classic tri-fold brochure is a good choice because it’s very versatile. If you are after something more original, the gate-fold format is also a good choice.

If you have to fit a lot of content into the brochure, a booklet will work best.

How to Make a Church Brochure 2

Images are an essential part of the brochure. Depending on the recipient, you will need to use them differently.

If you are trying to attract children, teenagers and families, a colorful style full of photos and illustrations will get you a lot of attention. Going for unusual imagery will also work with the younger audience.

If you are speaking to an older generation, use graphics that will be able to appeal to their age group without making them too invasive. Keep the images relevant to your audience and message.

And don’t forget to choose colors accordingly. Vibrant and exuberant colors work for the young, while more traditional colors are good for a mature audience.

How to Make a Church Brochure 3

Just like the visuals, the way you address the brochure’s readers should change depending on who they are and what they expect.

Overall, simple language is the best. Information should be presented in a comprehensive manner.

Offer readers a positive and constructive outlook on the subject. Being brief and to the point is a must if you want to hold people’s attention.

How to Make a Church Brochure 4

Laying out the brochure is as important as creating all its elements.

Leave the most attractive images for the front panel and distribute the content among the other panels in a logical manner.

Use the back to provide necessary details for others to get in touch, including the physical address, phone numbers, emails, websites, social media links and so on.

Use readable typefaces and colors for the text. Split the written content in short paragraphs of a few lines each.

Use headers, bold type and italics to direct the reader to the parts of the brochure you want them to read and include images throughout for visual continuity.

How to Make a Church Brochure 5

Since churches are an important part of many communities, you want to create a brochure that will have an impact. It’s easy to create a brochure that does that, but this easy task can be made easier if you research beforehand.

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