How To: Make a Church Flyer
If you want to gain more members to your congregation, flyers are where it's at!

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A church is a spiritual place where people go to share experiences and beliefs.

Communication is an important part of the church-going experience, and a flyer is the best way to communicate what your church is all about.

The size of the flyer may vary depending on its use.

If the flyer is intended for handing out or for being delivered in the mail, you can pick one of the small postcard formats like the standard 4 inches by 6 inches, 5 inches by 7 inches or 9 inches by 6 inches.

If the flyer is supposed to be used as a small poster to be attached around town, a size of 8.5 inches by 11 inches will be more suitable.

How to Make a Church Flyer 1

Depending on the purpose, you will need a suitable image or a set of images to provide a visual background. If you can take the pictures or make your own artwork, that’s great.

However, if you can’t, you can look online for images matching your theme. Some of these services are free, while the others will charge you a very inexpensive fee for the files.

Look for pictures that are conceptually strong. You can download the image, make slight adjustments to it in your image editor and crop or enlarge it to fit your document’s size.

How to Make a Church Flyer 2

Choose a simple color theme. This doesn’t mean your flyer can’t be colorful – just that you should focus on a limited scheme to keep the attention of the readers.

All the elements of the flyer can be adjusted to fit your general mood. You can build your color scheme around a theme, you can use images as reference or you can use tools like ColourLovers and Kuler.

How to Make a Church Flyer 3

Type is a visual element in its own and should match the style of the flyer. At the same time, type is the vehicle you use to talk to the community, so it must be readable.

You have to have balance for an effective result. Color and various effects — transparencies, gradients, etc. — can make type more attractive, but they must be used in concordance with the rest of the graphics.

If the flyer is text-heavy, choose simple colors that stand out. Make it tidy by splitting and spacing the text adequately and use size and placement to the reader’s advantage.

How to Make a Church Flyer 4

Overall, the message of the flyer should be clear. Since you are addressing the members of a community with shared interests, you need to have an idea of who these people are and what their expectations are.

How to Make a Church Flyer 5

An appealing look is an important part of any flyer and it should not be overlooked. Many people assume attractive graphics are not essential for a church flyer, but they actually play an important role. Good luck!

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