How To: Make a Classroom Poster
We have a challenge for you - say classy classroom posters five times fast!

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Not only do posters add color and personality to a classroom, but they also provide valuable information to students.

If you want a classroom poster that will grab the attention of your students and put them in the mood to learn, follow these steps.

Give your document dimensions big enough for the images you are going to use by choosing file and document setup.

Then click edit artboards. Here you can pull or push in on the tabs surrounding your image. To exit this mode, click the move icon on your left toolbar.

Choose file and open from the drop-down menu to find your images.

How to Make a Classroom Poster 1

Click windows and choose layers. You will see your image and a white background that is locked. The lock icon will lock and unlock whichever layer is chosen.

Click your image layer. On the left toolbox, choose quick selection under the magic wand icon. Select your entire icon. Click edit and choose copy.

Click file and choose new. Give a name for your image, dimensions of your document in pixels or inches, resolution (300 for print and 72 for web) and choose transparent for background contents. Click edit and paste from the top toolbar.

Save the document as a PSD file, or you can save it again as a PNG or a JPEG for the Web.

How to Make a Classroom Poster 2

Give your poster a name and dimensions in pixels or inches that will include both your poster background and your image. You can always adjust the poster size by using document setup.

Next, click edit artboards. Choose file and place from the drop-down menu.

Browse to find the snapshot of the image you have for a poster template. Then check the box that says template.  The snapshot will appear faded.

How to Make a Classroom Poster 3

Press the shift key and drag the mouse from the image corner in or out to fit into your document.

Click the move icon at the very top. A tiny popup window will ask you to “Place the file?” Choose yes. Lock this layer and create another layer and name it “boxes.”

On your left toolbar, choose the pen icon to draw the box shapes. On the left toolbar near the bottom, you will see colors you can choose for your boxes. Lock this layer.

Create another layer and name it “text.” In the drop-down menu, choose a font and size. You can also choose a font and size for your text by clicking on the document where you want to place text. You can choose the color of your text from the left toolbar, near the bottom. Experiment to see what you like best.

Create another layer and name this one “avatar.” Choose file and place from the drop-down menu. Browse to find your image, deselect the template box at the bottom of the popup window and click place.

Choose the move icon and move your image to the left of the text. Size your image using the free transform tool on the left toolbar.

How to Make a Classroom Poster 4

Your classroom poster is finished. Save your work as a PSD, PNG or JPEG. Check with your printer to determine which format you should save your file to ensure the best printing results.

How to Make a Classroom Poster 5

Learning is supposed to be fun, so create a poster that will match the feelings you want to invoke in your students.

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