How To: Make a Clear Business Card
It's pretty clear - you need a new business card.

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Traditional business cards are great for many reasons, but if you want to clearly stand out from the rest, you have to try something different.

Not only do clear business cards stand out from the ordinary cards those other guys are handing out, but they offer multiple other ascetic benefits and creative opportunities.

By using a transparent background, certain types of creative touches can be added to the design that would not be an option on a cardstock design.

Getting your own clear business card made may seem like a lot of hard work, but given the range of available stocks and the capabilities of modern printers, it is less complicated than you would imagine.

If you are looking to create a card that fits the traditional dimensions, it doesn’t matter what type of material you are using. The specs are the same, so start with the basic settings.

In the program of your of choice, create a new document sized 3.5 inches by 2 inches. Set the color mode to CMYK and the resolution to 300 pixels per inch.

Need a refresher on a few design program basics? Check out our great tutorials for creating business cards in Photoshop, Word or you can even one of the many templates available from professional online printers.

How to Make a Clear Business Card 1


Information you would use for a classic business card should be on your transparent card: name, title, company, area of expertise and contact details, such as a phone number, email and website.

Keep it relevant and simple. Only add additional information that will increase the overall effectiveness of the design.

How to Make a Clear Business Card 2


The transparent card itself will be eye catching enough, so you won’t need complex or ultra-special artwork.

However, you should still have a classy design that complements the transparent effect. If you have a logo, be sure to include it and position it where it will be impossible to miss.

Lay out the design elements so every detail is clear and readable. Select fonts that are easy on the eye, and use graphics and colors with a good contrast.

How to Make a Clear Business Card 3


Plastic stock can be found in most stationery and office supplies stores. However, not all types of plastic stock will work with all printers, so check the compatibility beforehand.

Since this stock is more expensive than the ones commonly used for business cards, remember to test your design on normal paper first. Use a sharp precision knife or trimmer to cut out the cards after printing.

How to Make a Clear Business Card 4


If you don’t feel comfortable printing your own clear business cards, consider using an online printer.

You won’t have to scour the store for the plastic stock yourself or worry about compatibility issues with your printer. You’ll be able to focus on artwork and personal information.

How to Make a Clear Business Card 5


Designing and printing a clear business card (like some of these awesome examples) is actually fairly simple, and if you follow these basic steps, you won’t have any problems making your own.

With just a little creativity and some good ol’ plastic stock, this type of card will easily stand out and make a strong impact on potential clients, presenting you as a cutting-edge, creative and modern professional.

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  1. is this possible at home, or is it better to try and use a pro?

    • have to go with a pro. might be able to get away with printing something really basic at home, but i tried printing some fancy invitations myself one time, and they ended up terrible looking and actually costing more. gotta think the same thing applies here.

      on a side not, i love some of the examples in this article!

      • Harold Fishman (

        That is a great question, ace. And, a great response from sandwhichone?, one that I agree with. You can certainly try to print your cards at home, but I think it is worth seeking out a professional printing service to help you with your project. That way, you are going to get a fantastic result, and a company that will stand by their product instead of you guessing and possibly redoing a few rounds of prints, thus saving time and even money.

        Go ahead and checkout our business card printer reviews at to find the best service for you.

        Good luck!

  2. would you happen to know where one can purchase this plastic stock for printing as well as what kind of printer would one need to do such a project? please and thanks

  3. Harold Fishman (

    Great question, Auri.

    I would suggest looking at Amazon for the best selection and cheapest prices. Also, local chain printers such as FedEx Copy might have some in store. Most inkjet printers will work on the stock if it’s inkjet compatible, but some will need special trays.

    Good luck!

  4. how can i get sample of transparent business card, i’ll like to order from sample of some card. How can i do to ger those sample. i can send you the picture/design of the card where you reply me.

  5. Great article, but I can’t find the answer on How To: Make a Clear Business Card. I mean how do I achieve the “clear effect”. First is that the material itself is transparent – I understand that. But if I have a background, for example, red – it will cover my card and the transparency is lost.

    So, I’ll repeat the question, of the post title – How To: Make a Clear Business Card? Should I play with “Layer Opacity” make it for example, 40% transparent or how to do?
    Here an illustration of my question, in case you are confused:

    Thank you for your time

    • Kristi Maddox (

      Hi Aleks! The material must be transparent. For example, you should buy a transparent red card stock if you want your business cards to look red. Hope this helps!