How To: Make a Creative Business Flyer
Stretch your creative legs with a flyer that grabs attention and inspires others.

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Coming up with an effective flyer that will look original and represent your business well requires some mad skills. All you have to do is follow these tips to learn how to do it.

Every successful campaign starts with a winning concept. First, you need a focus. Many ideas seem attractive on paper, but will they look as good once they become part of your flyer?

Explore different takes on the same concept and select those that look promising. Cutting out superfluous ideas to concentrate on what’s important will keep your creative juices flowing.

Also, getting to know your customer base will improve your campaign greatly. Don’t just hope your advertisement will work on everybody, but shape your ideas according to their expectations.

How to Make a Creative Business Flyer 1


Don’t be afraid to be bold with graphics. After all, they are the center of attention, so being different definitely pays off.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of approach you choose: photographs, illustrations and typography are all good vehicles to get your message across.

Just stick to your idea. If your concept was clearly defined (see #1), you don’t want it to be diluted by using graphics that aren’t powerful or pertinent.

Quality is also essential in business advertising. The best campaign can be spoiled in a second if you select crummy images, so make sure visuals are sharp and will look clean in print.


How to Make a Creative Business Flyer 2


The flyer’s headline has to be compelling. People need to find it interesting enough to keep reading. The trick is to make it brief and conspicuous, but it should also be smart and surprising.

The headline can sum up the flyer’s content in a single slogan through a clever punch line. Choose a distinct placement for your headline and use typeface and colors that will provide good contrast with the rest of the flyer.

How to Make a Creative Business Flyer 3


Colors are like a subtext to the whole flyer. You don’t need to say or show everything, especially if you have the right color palette. Colors should appeal to viewers and direct attention to the information.

Use a few main colors and their variations instead of many strident hues, but distribute them consciously and wisely across the page.

If you want to save money and print in monochrome, that will work, too. Different shades of gray can communicate as well as color in the right context.

How to Make a Creative Business Flyer 4


Creativity is great, but don’t forget the flyer is still about your business. If you are promoting some special service, make sure customers will be adequately informed about it.

Include the necessary details, such as your business’ contact information, to make it easy for potential customers. Remember to not to overcrowd the flyer.

How to Make a Creative Business Flyer 5


Flyers don’t have to be boring to get your point across. Stirring people’s curiosity with a fresh and inviting combination of graphics, colors and text can win you new customers and bring back the old ones.

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