How To: Make a Cruise Brochure
Cruise brochures should be vibrant and filled with exciting information to make the client want to travel with you.

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A cruise is the dream vacation and the epitome of relaxation, fun, luxury and comfort. With cruise brochures, making an impression is what really counts.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to make an effective brochure for a cruise that is sure to get clients lining up around the corner.

The format you choose depends on how much content you need to put in the brochure.

The catalog format, with its multiple sheets, is often preferred because it has a lot of space for in-depth information and plenty of visuals. It also makes it easy for readers to browse the different offers and rates.

How to Make a Cruise Brochure 1


The brochure should overflow with beautiful images and vibrant photos to give people a taste of what to expect from the trip.

Use photos with the most engaging angles and include pictures showing people having fun and enjoying the cruise’s amenities. Make visuals the center of attention to highlight the rest of the content.

How to Make a Cruise Brochure 2


Your words should draw the audience in. Get to the point in order to give your content more power and appeal.

Briefly and vividly describe the magic of each location, the unique qualities of the cruise’s facilities and the friendliness of its staff.

How to Make a Cruise Brochure 3


You should include terms of services so clients know from the beginning where they stand. Reserve the last page of the brochure for this so you don’t break the flow of the content.

Placing the terms anywhere else will create the impression you are spoiling the fun before it starts, and this will make it harder for people to find the information they are looking for.

How to Make a Cruise Brochure 4


For consistency and clarity, use a similar layout for the pages containing the same type of information but introduce some slight variation, like different graphics and so on.

Use clear typefaces by providing adequate spacing between each item. Use a color scheme that is in harmony with the visuals. Don’t forget the reader’s attention must be guided throughout the brochure.

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Like any other holiday or travel brochure, creating a cruise brochure is a lot like selling a dream. People will remember what strikes their fancy, so make sure what you are showing exceeds their expectations.

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  1. would much rather go on a curise than make a brochure about it!