How To: Make A Custom Logo Sticker
Make your business stand out with cool logo stickers.

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Customized logo stickers help advertise your company or business without breaking your bank account.

Putting your logo on a sticker is a simple yet effective way to build a familiar brand because they are easy and affordable (and people just can’t get enough of them!).


Designing your logo can be a complicated process, especially if you’re never created one before. If you have a logo already, then this process will be pretty easy. But if you don’t, start with a basic idea.

Sketching is a good way to begin creating your logo. Get creative, and don’t be too concerned with the final result. Scan your final drawing after you’re done sketching.


Once you have imported your final draft onto your computer, open a program, such as Illustrator or Inkscape, that will turn the drawing into a vector graphic. Your final draft will serve as a general guide for your digitized logo.

Use the pen tool to trace over the drawing, and move anchor points with the selection tools for precision. Make changes to the outline if you want. You can either use fills or gradients to add color to the shapes, too. Test your drawing with basic colors, such as black or white, at first. It will be easier to notice any issue with your shape.

Get more creative when you are satisfied. Try out different versions of your logo, and then finalize your digitized logo.


Your logo sticker doesn’t need to be a solid image in order to be effective and appealing. You can add some extra text to the logo, such as a slogan or a quote, to make your logo even more striking.

Choose a font that will complement the style of the logo. Simple fonts usually work best for logos. Select colors that will match the rest of the logo.


Select the logo, resize it and then press ‘Alt’ to duplicate it. Make several copies on an entire page, which should be the same size as the printing paper.

This step isn’t necessary if you want to use a professional printer, but it will be useful if you print at home, making it easier for you to print more stickers at once (which saves you time and money).


With a good inkjet printer, you can print your stickers at home. You need to buy inkjet sticker paper compatible with your printer from a stationery or office supply store.

If you want to save yourself some trouble, then upload your logo to an online printer like PsPrint and select the type of sticker you want and the number of pieces you need. Place your customized order, and then wait for your delivery!

Your logo will look super cool on customized stickers, and your customers will love them! Depending on the logo, you can make stickers in different colors and variations (with or without text, for example), which will entice customers to represent your swag anywhere and everywhere.

Edited in Illustrator CC. Stock logo by Logo Open Stock.

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