How To: Make a Cute Princess Poster
Creating your own princess poster is a magical time!

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Every little girl loves princesses, especially when they adorn their bedroom walls! Whether she loves Ariel, Pocahontas, or Cinderella the most, creating the perfect princess poster is super easy.

This tutorial will guide you through making a beautiful princess poster in Photoshop in just 6 simple steps. Let’s get started!

Create a new document (File>New) sized 8.5” x 11,” with a resolution of 300. Name the file (i.e., “My Princess Poster”) and click “OK.”

A picture of creating a document for the princess poster

Remember to save your document as 8.5″ x 11″!

You can find plenty of images on the web to use for your poster project. If you’re making a simple poster, all you need is a background (we’ll create this in a minute!) and your princess artwork. You can find an image of your favorite princess through a Google search.

For this example, we chose Rapunzel. Keep in mind that not all images will be suitable for creating the poster. Find a high-resolution image (in your Google search, look for large images with Search Tools>Size>Larger Than>2 MP or more) that showcases just the princess.

A picture of searching for a princess in a Google search

Pick the perfect princess from a plethora of great choices; who will you choose?

Using your chosen princess as a reference for your poster’s color palette. Create a soft radial gradient, with the inner part of the gradient of a lighter color than the outer one. Drag the Gradient tool over the document area to make the base of the background.

Tip Keep the princess artwork open in PS while working on the background

Download some floral pattern brushes from and upload them (Window>Brush Presets>Load Brush). Use the brighter color you already used in your gradient on a new layer, stamping several times with the floral brush to make a simple but charming design. Lower the layer opacity if the color of the flowers is too striking.

A photo of creating a floral pattern on a simple purple background

Get creative, and design a beautiful floral background!

If your chosen princess artwork doesn’t come with a transparent background, you will need to separate it before you can apply it to your beautiful background. If the background is a flat color with enough contrast, you can simply use the Magic Wand tool to select it at once by clicking on it, and then hit “Delete.” If the contrast isn’t enough or the background isn’t a flat color, you can use the Pen tool.

Trace all around the character’s shape with the pen, being as precise as possible and creating many anchor points. Use the Direct Selection tool to move the anchors and adjust the contours of your path. When the path is accurate enough, right click on it and choose “Make Selection.” Invert the selection (Select>Inverse) to choose only the background and press “Delete” to get rid of it all at once.

A picture of deleting the background around the princess

Be as detailed as possible when you delete the previous background from your princess.

Copy and paste your the princess art on top of the background layers. Use the Transform tool (Edit>Transform) to resize the art and move it so the overall composition looks good. You don’t need to use the whole artwork. For example, you can focus on the upper part so the attention goes to the character’s face.

Double-click on the princess layer for the Layer Style panel to appear. Go to Outer Glow and use the lighter color you used in your gradient, adding a soft glow effect around the character’s shape.

A picture of pasting the princess artwork onto your background

Position the princess onto the background for a flawless effect.

Add a simple quote or catchphrase to make your poster more eye-catching. Use a font that fits the poster’s feel. Many movie fonts are available for free online. The “Tangled” font, which you can see in this tutorial, was downloaded from

With the Eyedropper tool, pick a color from the artwork so the font blends in. Use the Warp Text tool to add some distortion to the text to follow the shape of the art and use the Layer Style panel again. Apply a light drop shadow effect to the text.

A picture of applying text to the poster

Use a great color and font when you apply text to the poster.

Rapunzel, Belle, and Cinderella may all be different, but you can use the same poster-making process to create any princess poster you want. If you have a good inkjet printer, you can print your poster directly at home, or use an online printing service like PrintPlace or Vistaprint.

Enjoy creating and printing your own unique princess poster today!

Edited in Photoshop CC. Original Tangled art courtesy of Disney.

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