How To: Make a Doctor Postcard
Make your patients feel better before they even come into the office.

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Postcards are a great way for doctors to stay in touch with their patients. Postcards can be used to send reminders about upcoming appointments or strengthen your doctor-patient relationship.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a postcard specifically for people in the health care business.

Postcards come in different sizes and shapes for all uses and needs. The most common size is 4 inches by 6 inches. I recommend using this size because it’s easy to handle and mail. It’s also versatile and convenient to print.

How to Make a Doctor Postcard 1

The postcard’s text should be brief. If you are sending a card to attract new patients, make sure it clearly identifies your office as the sender. If you are mailing a reminder, send it in advance to allow for rescheduling.

You should also include your contact details (phone numbers, address, email, website or social handles if you have any). Take the time to proofread the card several times to make sure everything is correct.

How to Make a Doctor Postcard 2

You can create a basic postcard with just text. However, making it more appealing will have its advantages.

Use graphics that are simple and uncluttered. You can find plenty of stock images online.

How to Make a Doctor Postcard 3

Important information should be the priority. Graphics, if included, should merely direct the reader’s attention. Don’t sacrifice text space for them.

Type should also be readable and stand out. Words and lines need to be sufficiently spaced. I don’t recommend using fancy fonts and colors because it will make the postcard harder to read. Classic fonts and colors are the best.

How to Make a Doctor Postcard 4

You can print your postcards at home, but it’s not very practical if you’re not familiar with the process and your equipment isn’t optimized for it.

It’s better to find a professional printer in your area and hand them your files. Ask for specs and samples before you commit.

Another solution is to purchase your postcards from online printers like Print Place. All you have to do is upload your files in an accepted format (usually JPG, PNG or PDF), pay for your order and wait for the postcards to be delivered.

How to Make a Doctor Postcard 5

Making your own postcards for your patients will show creativity and dedication to your work and the clients. If you want to be the best doctor in town, you’ll want to put in the extra effort.

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