How To: Make a Father’s Day Postcard
Show your dad you care with a homemade postcard that suits his personality and style. It's better than store bought!

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What better time of year to make something special for your dad than Father’s Day? If you want to send your father a personal greeting instead of a generic card, a custom-made postcard is the way to go.

Just follow this simple tutorial and your card will be ready in no time.

The average postcard size is either 4” x 6” or 5”x 7”. Depending on how large you want it to be, you can choose one of these formats.

I selected the smaller 4” x 6” size. I also set pixels per inch to 300 and color mode to CMYK.

How to Make a Father's Day Postcard 1

Take the time to select the perfect images. Then drag them into your blank document.

Detach them from the background with the Pen or Lasso tool if needed and apply adjustments, such as contrast, brightness, hue and saturation, to give them that extra punch.

With curves and levels, create original color moods and include different effects by combining filters and layer styles. Using layer masks, mix more pictures together.

Make sure the details aren’t too close to the borders or they might get cropped off when printing.

How to Make a Father's Day Postcard 2

Remember, you will be using the back for a more in-depth message, so just use the front for embellishing the postcard with a warm greeting, a quote or a funny punchline to go with your graphics.

Choose attractive font faces and colors that match the overall style of the postcard and apply layer styles like glows or shadows to spice things up. There are no rules here, so just follow your creative instinct!

How to Make a Father's Day Postcard 3

Create a new document with the same specifications used for the front. Set your brush to one pixel with 100 percent hardness and select black as the foreground color.

With the Pen tool, draw a straight vertical line around one-third of the document and apply a stroke to it. After that, draw four horizontal straight lines to the right and apply a stroke to them as well.

How to Make a Father's Day Postcard 4

To print, you will need your inkjet printer and postcard stock. Double-sided matte/glossy stock specifically made for postcards are available at most office suppliers (you can also buy it online).

You can also choose matte/matte stock if you don’t want it glossy. Just make sure you get stock that you can print on both sides.

To print the back, simply flip the card stock and make sure the sheet is positioned correctly. Test on plain paper to get the hang of the postcard printing process and to check your settings.

How to Make a Father's Day Postcard 5

Creating your own postcard is not hard, and you shouldn’t worry if you make some mistakes at first, especially with printing. Just take the time to test different settings and make the necessary adjustments.

Your dad will love the card and the effort you put into it will make it even more special!

Edited in Photoshop CS5. Stock photo by Mab Design.

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