How To: Make a Flyer for a Cleaning Service
Cleaning services deserve clean flyers too!

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Most people know how to clean, but most people don’t know how to do it well. That’s where cleaning services come in.

This tutorial will show you how to create a simple promotional flyer for a cleaning service that won’t go unnoticed.

Launch your image editor and create a new document sized 8.5” x 11”. This format is great both to attach the flyer around town and distribute it. Choose 300 pixels per inch resolution and the CMYK color mode for printing.

You can make a smaller postcard-sized flyer if you prefer. A 5” x 7” flyer will work pretty well if you just want to hand it out.

How to Make a Flyer for a Cleaning Service 1

Stock photos or illustrations are the best if you can’t create your own graphics from scratch.

Start by browsing paid sites like Dreamstime or Fotolia or free ones like Everystockphoto. You’re likely to find something perfect for you.

Take the time to choose the right images for this project, perhaps something witty and funny that will make the flyer easier to notice and remember.

Open the image and copy and paste it into your document. Use transform tools like Scale and Rotate to fit the graphics into the blank document.

Use brightness, contrast and saturation adjustments to make the original picture more attractive.

How to Make a Flyer for a Cleaning Service 2

A memorable slogan plays a large part in the success of a flyer, so try to come up with something brief and distinctive that people will be able to associate with your services.

Choose fonts and colors that will match the style of your graphics and make the text big enough to read. Be sure to choose a prominent placement for both your text and images.

How to Make a Flyer for a Cleaning Service 3

This is very important. How do you expect people to hire you without the information to do so?

Phone numbers and email addresses are the simplest and most immediate ways to communicate these days. If there is a website people can visit for more in-depth information about services and rates, it should be there as well.

A physical address can also be included, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

How to Make a Flyer for a Cleaning Service 4

Tear-off tabs on flyers are important if you are going to attach them around. Besides, you never know when potential clients will need to get in touch.

Thanks to tabs, people will be able to save your information and call when they really need it.

If you don’t have room, make space for the tabs at the bottom of the flyer by resizing the text and images. Divide this space evenly by drawing a series of vertical lines at one pixel each.

Write names and contacts in clear type and rotate them by 90 degrees. Copy the information several times and place it in the middle of each tab.

Remember to separate the tabs with scissors after printing.

How to Make a Flyer for a Cleaning Service 5

As anyone offering a service, professional cleaners also need to work on their promotion in order to be successful. Creating a flyer is relatively easy and inexpensive. Even a very simple flyer will bring you new clients and help you differentiate your business from the competition.

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  1. I just use business cards

    • I have seen flyers like these for cleaning and maids around, I can see their use if they are in the right places