How To: Make a Flyer in iStudio Publisher
Want to make an efficient flyer? Use an efficient program.

Andy Carrott

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iStudio Publisher is an easy-to-use page layout application for Mac computers. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how we made this babysitting sitting flyer.

Why not give it a try? There’s a 30-day free trial of iStudio Publisher. You can download this flyer from iStudio Publisher’s templates page.

Launch iStudio Publisher and create a new document by clicking “Create New” on the Task Chooser (or choose File>New Document).

The drop-down sheet will appear automatically. Set the margins to zero, as they’re not needed in this example. Click the “Create” button to open the new document.

How to Make a Flyer in iStudio Publisher 3

All text, images and visual effects are held within shapes.

To draw the main yellow-filled rectangle, select the rectangle shape in the Shape Library, and then click and drag on the page to draw the shape.

Release the drag to finish drawing the shape. Use the Inspectors to set the line style and fill color.

How to Make a Flyer in iStudio Publisher 6

Images can play an important part in creating an engaging flyer.

To insert an image in any shape, select the shape and choose Insert>Image. Alternatively, simply drag and drop an image file from the Finder file manager onto a shape.

Use the Image Tool and/or Image Inspector to adjust the size, position, rotation and opacity of the image.

How to Make a Flyer in iStudio Publisher 7

Click the Text Box tool and draw a text box (just like drawing any other shape).

Enter your text and adjust its style and layout from the Character and Paragraph Inspectors.

The text in this second text box has been right aligned in the Paragraph Inspector.

How to Make a Flyer in iStudio Publisher 9

Tear-off tabs enable prospective customers to take away contact details.

Draw a text box. Enter and style the text. Select the text box with the Pointer tool and choose Arrange>Rotate Anticlockwise 90°.

Use the Straight Line tool to draw a separator line and adjust its style using the Line Inspector. Copy and paste the text box and separator line to add the other copies.

How to Make a Flyer in iStudio Publisher 13

Here’s the finished design:

How to Make a Flyer in iStudio Publisher 14

Save and print the flyer. To finish it off, use some scissors to cut along the dotted lines between the tear-off tabs. We hope you enjoy using iStudio Publisher!

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  1. I have never heard of iStudio. is it like the adobe programs?