How To: Make a Flyer That Flies
Follow these five tips and your flyer will do more than just inform people about an event or business.

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Having your own flyers is essential for your business. Making an OK flyer is easy, but making a very good one is something that requires imagination.

This short guide will not only show you how to make an effective and creative flyer, but it also includes a little something extra — read on to find out more.

How you intend to use the flyer will influence the technical side of its creation, from choosing format and paper, to its overall style.

For example, if you plan to attach the flyer to bulletin boards, a postcard sized 8.5 inches by 11 inches will be a better size than 4 inches by 6 inches.

But if you’re going to be handing out your flyers, smaller formats will work better.

Consider the end of the flyer to help you pick the best paper. I don’t recommend printing on glossy material, so I selected matte or lustre paper — the latter is great for photographic leaflets.

As for the style, it should closely match the tone of your business.

How to Make a Flyer That Flies 1


It goes without saying that your flyer should be about you and you should show your most appealing side.

However, the flyer should be about the customer, too. For the communication to be effective and for your message to reach out to your potential clients, you must know about your recipients and create a promotion that will speak to them directly.

You have to anticipate and understand their behavior to give them a reason for choosing your offer, event or services among all of the other choices.

How to Make a Flyer That Flies 2


A good flyer operates on more than one level. Its graphics have to draw the eye to a substantial amount of content.

A flyer that is only beautiful doesn’t satisfy the client’s need to know more. Likewise, a flyer that is informative but not attractive can’t succeed in winning the average onlooker’s attention.

How to Make a Flyer That Flies 3


For your campaign to be profitable, the flyer should be designed to be clear and accessible. Carefully choose color palettes, typefaces and graphics so they all contribute to the final effect.

Graphics must be an immediate focus, but don’t let them get in the way of your message. Any text must help get your point across briefly and simply, and it should be written and arranged so even the most distracted reader can find the most relevant information.

How to Make a Flyer That Flies 4


How can you actually make your own flyer take off? With the flyer you just made, follow these instructions to make it fly!

How to Make a Flyer That Flies 5

By following these tips and putting in a little extra effort, your flyer will indeed travel far.

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