How To: Make a Lost Dog Poster
An eye-catching poster will help you find your beloved pet sooner.

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What do you do if your beloved pet gets lost? One simple solution is to make a poster to pass around so people will be able to get in touch in case your dog is found.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a poster.

If you want to produce a standard poster, your lost dog one should be sized at least 8.5” x 11." Other common dimensions are 11” x 17," 16” x 20” and 18” x 24."

Portrait orientation is ordinarily used for this type of poster because it's easier to read and attach around the neighborhood.

How to Make a Lost Dog Poster 1

Your dog’s description is the first thing you should put on the poster because it will give readers all the information. Breed, age, size and color of your pet, any peculiar signs and marks, chip/tattoo location, collar: All of these facts should be included.

If possible, write about the date and area of disappearance or about any other detail that could help people with identification. If you offer a reward, specify it in big letters!

How to Make a Lost Dog Poster 2

Your contact details are another essential part of your poster, so you should write them in a readable typeface where they’re easy to spot. You should include your name, phone and email.

How to Make a Lost Dog Poster 3

If you have a photo of your dog, you should include it in the poster. Give it a relevant placement and make it big enough to be visible.

The photo you choose doesn’t have to be artistic or have anything special about it, but it does have to be clear. Your dog’s feature must be discernible.

It will also help to use a recent picture of your pet, not one taken several years ago — unless your dog hasn’t changed much in the meantime.

How to Make a Lost Dog Poster 4

Tear-off tabs can be added to the poster to ensure people will be able to contact you right away. You should write your contact details on each tab separately. Leave enough space at the bottom of the poster to include tabs.

Write your information and rotate it by 90 degrees. Then copy and paste multiple times, making sure to space each tab’s content as evenly as possible. After printing, simply cut each tab with a pair of scissors.

How to Make a Lost Dog Poster 5

If you are printing at home and you are planning to post many posters, printing in color can become a cumbersome expense.

Color is more eye-catching and will be noticed more easily by casual onlookers, but printing in color is not actually necessary, unless there are details in your color photo to help people with identification.

Printing in black and white in most cases will be enough, but if resources are not an issue, color may give away more visual information and be more attractive.

How to Make a Lost Dog Poster 6

Losing a pet is a terrible experience and we hope you will never have to go through it. But even if you do, don’t panic. Communication is essential, and that’s where a lost dog poster can come in handy.

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